A Complete Guide to Buying Wholesale Audio Speakers

Wholesale Audio Speakers

Having good quality speakers is mandatory for a great audio experience from an entertainment system. Speakers not only enhance the music listening but also help a viewer immerse into the content they are watching.

While most people usually buy wholesale audio speakers with a decent price tag thinking if a speaker is loud, it’s good enough. But several factors should be taken into consideration before buying them in bulk.

Let’s first cover the different factors taken into consideration before landing a purchase.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Speakers

Several things affect when purchasing speakers, but they all can be summarized into 5 basic factors.

The Sound Quality

Inarguably the most important factor when it comes to buying speakers is the sound quality. And no, it does not only mean the loudness or bass of a speaker, even though these both are important sound characteristics nonetheless.

Sound quality is highly subjective and everyone has a different perception of high-quality sound. What may overwhelm one listener can often sound bland to the other. So, with this fact in mind, there is no one “perfect” audio speaker in the wholesale market that pleases everybody.

The best approach here is to give different models a listen yourself. After 3-4 models you’ll start to see slight differences in the audio profile. Additionally, you can take suggestions from the supplier and even read reviews of the models online. 

This will help you better decide on the audio speakers that will please the majority of your customer base.

Speaker Types

The wholesale market is filled with different suppliers that deal in several types of wholesale audio speakers and wholesale audio docks. The sheer number of options can be intimidating at first but focusing on specific types of speakers can help ease this process.

Different types of speakers include wall-mounting speakers, Bluetooth portable speakers, bookshelf speakers, subwoofers, TV soundbars, and floor-standing speakers, etc.

Each speaker type has its use case. Knowing what type of speakers your customer would prefer can help in stocking up better. For example, here are some of the uses of the speakers briefly.

Wall-Mounted Speakers: These speakers are usually meant for TV or entertainment set-ups that require speakers to be installed in a fixed position. A downside to these is they don’t sound as good as other types.

Bluetooth Speakers: These speakers are generally small which makes them easier to carry around. They can connect with the music source over a wireless Bluetooth connection which is a great feature.

Bookshelf and Floor-Standing Speakers: Similar to wall-mounted speakers, these are also meant to be used with your entertainment system. However, their sound quality is much higher than wall-mounted ones but they also come in bigger sizes.

Subwoofer and Soundbar: These aren’t standalone speakers but are treated more like accessories. Subwoofers can be used with your existing sound setup to enhance its quality. While soundbars are horizontally elongated devices that are used with your TVs to produce higher quality sound.

Having the Right Accessories

It’s recommended to have the right accessories that go with speakers. This will enhance the sound of speakers drastically by delivering the right amount of power.

Some of the accessories are amplifiers or receivers that receive an audio signal, process it, and amplify that signal to the speakers. This results in a much higher quality audio output from the speakers and enhances the listing experience by 10 fold.

Price Range

This is where you’ll either make the deal or break it. Similar to sound quality, the price range is also subjective to every customer. Some audio enthusiasts would extend their budget over 1000$ or more for an uncompromised audio experience.

On the other hand, some people would prefer having more affordable audio equipment in their homes. Before bulk ordering speakers from your wholesale cell phones & accessories, it’s important to know what your target audience for the speakers will be.

If you are going to cater to the elite audiophile market then chances are you’ll also need a hefty investment. Your inventory turnover might be sluggish but you’ll make significantly more revenue out of one sale.

Alternatively, if you choose to stock up on cheaper but good-quality products, you won’t be needing a huge investment. Your inventory turnover ratio will be higher and you’ll make a decent profit too.

So it’s up to you which route to choose. However, you could always take the middle route and stock a little bit of both to see what works best for your business.


Well, that’s everything you need to know to stock up on wholesale audio speakers for your business. It’s always a good approach to make a mental checklist of these factors and let them guide you through the purchase decision. At the end of the day, it’s your business and you know what’s best for it. So, wishing you luck with your speaker shopping adventure. 

A Complete Guide to Buying Wholesale Audio Speakers

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