5 Most Common Logo Types: How to Choose One That Suits your Business

Most Common Logo Types

Are you about to launch your new business or plan to try out a makeover for your brand? Well, then, you should definitely look for an education logo maker or any other potential free logo maker tool online, but first, understand what you want, so read on!

The list below will tell you the 5 most common logotypes that you might choose for your business launch or makeover! Let’s check out in-depth what they are and how they will suit your business!

5 Most Common Logo Types and What will Suit Your Business Best!

No matter what business you’re about to launch, it’s important to keep a note and know what the common types of logos are. Only when you have a clear idea about the different types will you know exactly what will suit your business best. So, let’s check them out below:

1. Combination Marks

Combination mark logos may not be the most popular ones that businesses choose. However, you will find every 60 in 100 companies trying to use this type of logo. When we’re talking about combination marks, we mean the logo will have both a symbol and text present in it. Some of the potential examples of combination marks are Microsoft and Adidas.

It can either be present one on top of the other or side by side. This creates an eye-catching thing that makes it easier for people to recognize your brand. So, if you’re thinking about a makeover or launching something new, it’s always advisable to go for combination marks.

However, it is essential to keep it simple so that it’s easily recognizable.

2. Symbol Mark

When we’re talking about symbol marks, it means the logo can be recognizable immediately through an image or abstract. Even though keeping a symbol is not the best way to represent your brand, it does show a bigger vision your brand has.

For example, Nike uses an abstract logo, and Apple has a pictorial logo. And it’s needless to say that both have a great impact, and people know it’s Apple or Nike only by looking at the symbol marks present.

But what should you do? Should you take the risk of using a symbol logo or not?

Well, in this case, we would only advise you to go for symbol logos if your brand is already established. If it’s still taking baby steps, we would advise you to go for something else.

However, if you still think you would want a symbol logo to launch your brand, it is best you give the image a serious thought.

3. Emblem Marks

Emblem marks are when a company connects itself to a pictorial element. The best example we can think of right now is Starbucks. It gives a vintage feeling.

But what should you do? Well, in this case, we would suggest if you’ve been in the business for a really long time, then you can try to go for emblem marks. And since they are much more detailed, it’s best to work with professional people as only they will be able to visualize and replicate your thoughts into the logo.

4. Letter Mark

As the name suggests, letter marks are a combination of the initials of your brand. If your brand has a long name, you can consider taking the initials of the brand. Some of the best examples can be NASA, CDC, HBO, and CNN.

Are you wondering if you should go for one or not? Then we must tell you that if your brand name is long, you can consider letter marks. However, don’t miss out on considering whether you should pronounce the name aloud. And do not add too many elements. You would definitely want your brand name to be highlighted rather than the other elements present.

5. Wordmark

Google, Coca-Cola, and VISA are some of the best examples of the wordmark. It has the name of the brand and definitely some great elements of design.

So, if you find the brand name to be punchy and easy for people to remember, you can consider using a wordmark. Moreover, if you’re new, it will help people remember your brand quite easily.

But always keep a close watch on the typography. That is the thing that will bring about the entire vibe of your logo.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog, we hope you know how important it is to remain informed about the five most common logotypes. So, consider these and incorporate the most suitable one into your business and see it reaching heights.

5 Most Common Logo Types: How to Choose One That Suits your Business

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