Top 8 Free Online Auction Sites

Online Auction Sites

Online auctions can be exciting as you get to find your dream product for the right price. There are many auction sites that people flock to for the best deals. However, finding the one that is best for you can be a challenging task.

While you might already know about sites like eBay that have been popular for years, every other online auction site works similarly. After a product listing takes place, the bidders start their bidding. The buyer with the highest bid, in the end, wins the auction and can purchase the product.

It is a time-limited occasion within which you can bid for your favorite item online. Today we shall look into some of the popular free online auction sites and see the type of offers you can avail of. However, a genuine auction lover would not have to look beyond


Auctionwin is the perfect platform for customers to buy amazing products at unbelievably low prices. Wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers all across Canada get the perfect outlet for their overstocked goods which are put on sale for as low as $2, depending on the product line.

They make the entire process easy and worth it by closing deals daily without keeping anything in reserve. You will find various products on Auctionwin, including electronics, accessories, apparel, fine art, automobiles, etc. So far, they have had over 3,000 sold auctions and are currently hosting over 400 active auctions.


Hibid is both a software auction website, as well as an auction site hub which is available in Canada and the U.S. They help other businesses host their sales online and also aid buyers in finding auctions of their choice based on their location.

With the help of HiBid, a buyer can look into reliable auction sites based on their product options, auction type, and locality. According to reviews, it is one of the easiest platforms to use for beginner bidders.

Charity Auctions Today

Charity Auctions Today is a user-friendly platform for both buyers and sellers. It is a helpful platform for non-profit organizations who want to auction to raise funds for various causes.

The best part is Charity Auctions does not ask for any fees on the raised amounts. If you helped raise money for a cause or helped any charity, you can also avail of some bonuses. All the auction set-ups are easy and are available on all devices. You can also benefit from credit card payment options, social media usage, and more. The website is trustworthy and helps buyers find the best products for the correct offers.

Charity Auctions Today holds various auctions from well-known brands. According to reviews, it is an accommodating site for auctions of all sizes and offers an excellent experience for online bidding set-ups.


Webstore levies no charges for buying or selling and is one of the largest bidding marketplaces online. While the website’s UI might seem outdated, they have top-tier services with minimal advertising, free listings, and little to no fraudulent activities.

For anyone looking for great online auctions, you can find just about anything on the site. Thanks to its simple transaction process, Webstore is well-known for its improved services that can give eBay a run for its money.

Live Auctioneers

If you love going to auction events but are unable to attend one, Live Auctioneers can help you bid from home. Ranked 5th among other auction sites, it is the best site to bid on art and antique pieces.

If you are looking for reliable sellers from art galleries, Live Auctioneers is the best place. There are live auctions that take place for buyers from around the world. While the registration for these auctions is free, it is mandatory to register to participate.

There are also lesser risks of fraudulent activities as Live Auctioneers operates through buyer and seller ID verification. Since most of the highest bids can be expensive, this process helps keep scammers at bay.

Auction Guide

You can find regular auctions on Auction Guide. While these auctions are not run individually by the platform, they are worth the participation. The site can help you with real-time details on various auctions on multiple products in Canada.

So if you are looking for furniture, cars, clothes, or collectibles, Auction Guide can navigate you to the best sellers. Of course, you must research and review your prospective sellers to avoid possible scams.


AuctionMaxx is an unconventional bidding house dealing with overstocks, insurance claims, and unclaimed and mislabeled surplus. You can find amazing weekly liquidation auctions to bid on electronics, clothes, etc.

Most users suggest that you bid at your own risk. It is always best to look through details on a seller before bidding on their products. If you need, AuctionMaxx can also offer you immediate product purchase benefits at a fixed price.

It is efficient, quick, and known for its professional customer service. So if you are looking for an institution where you can bid and purchase without participating, AuctionMaxx is for you.


If you are a seller looking to profit off your products, Bonanza is the right place for you. The site offers safe listings and is a reliable platform for sellers to bid off their beauty products, gardening tools, handbags, jewelry, clothes, and interior decor.

Thanks to its seller-friendly terms and conditions, Bonanza holds 2nd place for the 2021 Sellers Choice Awards. It is a commendable marketplace for sellers who wish to build their brand and customize their marketing campaigns. Not to mention, it is a free platform with no hidden fees, listing expenses, or monthly storage fees. The best part is there is no need to pay for advertisements until you make your first sales.


There are various perks to bidding on one or all of these top 8 auction sites as they are reliable, user-friendly, and help you acquire the best products online. Online auctions have become more popular due to the pandemic. You can be anywhere around the world and still take part in free auctions all over Canada.

Moreover, if you find a reliable buyer or seller, you can trace them online without any hassle for a different bid. So if you are looking to bid on your favorite products online, check out these trustworthy platforms today!

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Top 8 Free Online Auction Sites

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