A Quick Guide to Starting a Pest Control Business

Pest Control Business

The pest control industry is on a roll.

The market has grown nearly 3% in just five years. Plus, the industry is expected to produce more than $17 billion by 2023.

Are you looking for a more lucrative career without the micro-managing boss?

Pest control isn’t going anywhere. Plus, you get to provide a valuable service to the community. Pest infestations increase housing damage, health problems, and other safety hazards.

Help your neighbors while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams at the same time! Get started with this simple guide to starting a pest control business.

How to Break Into the Pest Control Industry

Before you can launch a pest control company, you need to gain some experience first. The best way to start is with an educational path. You could jump right into a training program or gain work experience from the start.

Do you have any friends, family members, or neighbors in the pest control industry? See if they’re hiring or willing to take you on as an apprentice. You could also start with office work and learn the trade.

If you want to learn about the business end of pest control, look for administrative roles. You could start as a customer service rep, sales rep, or sales associate. In time, you could work your way up to office manager or head of sales.

Do you have a marketing background? You could pursue positions in pest control marketing. This industry is a niche marketing area with high demand.

As you can see, there are plenty of pest control career opportunities outside of technicians. However, it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs of pest control. That’s why most pest control business owners start out as technicians.

How to Become a Pest Control Technician

There are a few ways to become a pest control technician.

Certification requirements also vary among states. For example, some states require three months of training, while others may require less or a fixed number of hours. Many training programs include at least 100 work hours.

There are also different levels of technicians. Some roles may require more training than others. You could start as a pest control worker or controller.

Pest control workers are authorized to spray, set pest traps, or fog out areas. These technicians work under pest control controllers.

There are two types of pest controllers: grade 9 and grade 10 controllers.

Grade 9 pest controllers can perform the same duties as pest control workers. However, these technicians come up with whole strategies and delegate duties to the appropriate pest control workers. They identify the problem and create solutions to eradicate the issue.

The final tier is grade 10 pest controller. This job role does everything required of a grade 10 controller. However, these technicians also manage pest control facilities, business operations, and planning.

If you’re aspiring to start your own pest control business, become a grade 10 technician.

How to Find Pest Control Training

You may be scratching your head about where to find training?

Fortunately, you have plenty of training options:

  • Local community colleges
  • On-site training at pest control businesses
  • Technical colleges
  • Certified pest control schools
  • Professional college extension programs

Many national pest control chains offer complete on-site training. You don’t need any prior experience, either. Once trained, you’re hired on as a pest control technician with the company that administered the training.

Your pest control education doesn’t begin and end with certified training. For example, you can receive complete pest control business training from the Mosquito Franchise. It helps to have experts and mentors in your corner.

Franchises are an excellent way to kickstart your business dreams. There’s already a built-in formula for success. You just have to put your business acumen to work.

How to Start a Pest Control Business

Get a few years of real work experience under your belt. That should be enough time to understand the science, business, and marketing behind pest control companies.

The next stage is the business planning phase. You’ll need an official business plan if you want to secure a bank loan.

If you have the funds, a business plan isn’t technically required. However, a well-written plan will guide you through the launch process.

The Benefits of Business Plans

Business plans break down the following:

  • Mission statement and business goals
  • Initial funding costs
  • Costs for pest control equipment
  • Equipment maintenance costs
  • Business license and permits
  • Pest control marketing strategy
  • Business locations and service areas
  • Quarterly budget needs

A background in business really helps. You could even take a few community college courses. Some pest control CEOs have bachelor’s degrees in business.

Consult a business lawyer, accountant, marketing consultant, and commercial real estate expert. These professionals bring invaluable insight to the table. If you plan to expand, you’ll also need an HR expert to oversee interviews, hiring, and onboarding.

Pest Control Marketing Tips

Marketing is a crucial piece of your business model.

Gone are the days of the phone book. Customers won’t call if they can’t find you online. Your first order of marketing business is to build a fabulous website.

Pest control websites don’t need a lot of bells and whistles.

They do require the following:

  • Lightning-fast website speed
  • Click-to-call phone numbers
  • Online chat agents
  • FAQ pages
  • List of services
  • Easy-to-find information
  • Online appointment booking

Your website should also work on both desktop and mobile interfaces.

If you’re a commercial pest controller, then you’ll need a free quote option. Commercial pest control jobs are much larger.

Internet Marketing Ideas for Pest Control

Next, you need a reliable online marketing strategy. Lots of pest control businesses have done the work for you. Snoop on their strategies to discover their secrets!

For example, you’re not going to see many pest control businesses advertise on Instagram. But you will find them promoting their services on search engines.

Pest control companies leverage search marketing in two ways:

First, they craft keyword-optimized content to increase search rankings organically. Second, they create paid search ads that rank higher than typical search results.

Launch Your Own Pest Control Company

It’s time to switch to a more rewarding career. Become your own boss and start a pest control business today.

Follow this guide to get started. Discover a career path that works for you. Don’t forget to follow the blog for more business tools.

A Quick Guide to Starting a Pest Control Business

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