Helper Utah Weather 10 Day Forecast

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The Helper Utah weather forecast for the next 31 days shows average temperatures, precipitation and snowfall. The chart indicates the average snowfall accumulation, which ranges from the 25th to 75th percentile bands. It also shows the average rainfall. The length of the day in Helper varies quite a bit from month to month. The shortest day of the year is December 21, while the longest is June 21. On the Helper weather forecast, the hours of daylight are color coded to indicate full daylight, twilight, and night.

Helper has mild temperatures with daily highs of between 15 and 86 degrees F. The temperature rarely falls below 3degF and rarely exceeds 94degF. July is the hottest month in the year at 86°F. You should visit Helper in the late June or early august to enjoy the best weather for outdoor activities.

The humidity in Helper does not rise very high. The humidity in Helper remains relatively constant throughout the year. The hourly average wind speed in Helper can vary a lot depending on the topography. This city experiences a wind direction and speed of southwest or west. The humidity level in Helper is low, so it won’t be too hot in your neighborhood. High temperatures can be expected in April if you live in the mountains.

The amount of rain in Helper can vary throughout the year. Rain alone is the most common form of precipitation. The percentage of days with both types of precipitation changes throughout the year. February is the month with the most rain. February is the driest month, with an average rainfall of 5.2 inches. During this time, the area experiences a period of snowless weather for 7.1 months.

Helper Utah Weather 10 Day Forecast
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