My Time at Portia Helper Guide

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As a helper in My Time at Portia, you can upgrade the stats of all the clothes you’ve gathered. As with any other helper, you can buy new clothes and upgrade them throughout the game. If you have enough money, you can also upgrade your existing clothes. The helper that will have the most affect on your overall game experience is Ack. This can be very useful in the game and you can even upgrade it while you are playing.

Throughout the story, we’re introduced to several characters. The main character is Alice. She is a pacifist and works at the Tree Farm, where she’s a potential romantic interest. Ack, an AI chef who was hired by the mayor in order to improve the town’s infrastructure, is also introduced. Albert, who is also a co-owner of a successful flower shop and a builder, is another important character. He is hardworking, kind, and a keen napper. Alice, the eldest of Mars and Carol, hopes to follow her mother’s steps. She dreams of visiting places outside of Portia such as Antarctica.

My Time at Portia Helper Guide
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