History of Antique Bracelets – What is it and Who Invented It?

Antique Bracelets

The history of bracelets is a fascinating one. This type of ornamentation was around as long as jewelry has been worn by humans. There are several theories as to how bracelets came about. One of the most prevalent theories is that these necklaces were worn by ancient Egyptian warriors to protect themselves from injuries while fighting. Today these bracelets are often seen as beautiful heirlooms by those who have them and pass them down through the generations.

History of antique bracelets

Antique bracelets from Egypt and other countries date back as far as the first century A.D. A style called the “antiquated bracelets” was popular among those practicing pagan religions during this time. Worn for fertility and good luck, these bracelets were fashioned from precious metals and other materials, usually adorned with jewels. Among the more common metals used in the early period of this type of ornamentation were copper, gold, iron, brass, bronze, iron, glass, stone, ivory, wood, snake bone, jade and coral.

As history progressed, the popularity of these bracelets waned. In some areas, they have forgotten altogether. However, in other areas, they gained popularity again – but not for reasons related to their history. Because of their beauty and importance as art forms, many people soon realized the bracelet was a valuable decorative object and began wearing them.

Use of bracelets

According to carusjewellery.com bracelets have also been in use long before any of the listed materials were used. For instance, bracelets have been found as far back as the ancient Chinese. They were worn for medicinal purposes, as well as to ward off evil spirits. Throughout history, bracelets of all types have also been used to show affiliation with certain organizations, fraternal orders, fraternal clubs, and political groups. These symbols would often represent the wearer’s profession or military affiliation.

One of the first bracelets to be made was probably created out of a vine that grew in the Mediterranean – probably grapevines. This vine was tied to a wooden stick and hung from a tree – just so it could be seen. Today, that same type of bracelet is still being crafted and worn by some members of the Italian and Greek societies.

Final Thought

Regardless of the material from which an antique bracelet is made, it will always be one of beauty. The history of the bracelet means that no two bracelets will ever be exactly the same. No two pieces will ever have exactly the same design or pattern. The same can be said for the materials used to create the bracelet as well. No two bracelets will ever look exactly the same – but one is bound to suit your personal taste better than the other.


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History of Antique Bracelets – What is it and Who Invented It?

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