Holiday Gifts for Adult Children

Holiday Gifts

It was so simple when they were little. The kids wanted toys and games galore, easily available on Santa’s list and purchased within the local store. Nowadays, though, your kids are older, seeking far more than a doll or bike. As young adults, they’re exploring the world. What do they really want this year for the holidays? The following are five ideas to make your kiddos remember the fun of Christmas morning.

Monthly Deliveries

Some gifts are worth multiple deliveries. Items like alcohol, fruit and cheese are actually quite enjoyable to pop up on the doorstep. It’s a chance to dabble in something that otherwise may be out of reach or try something more unique and worldly. Look for something like the wine club New York, in which you could pay for a yearly membership, schedule deliveries or purchase classes.


When the weekends roll around, it’s fun to have some things to do. Look into places around town that have memberships. Zoos, art studios and museums make excellent choices. During downtime, that means your kids have the chance to get out and explore without paying a penny.

Other options are to pay for current enrollment in their regular programs. Gyms, for instance, add up over time. Cover a few months for them. That extra savings could prove quite useful when something breaks or a chance to travel happens.

Tickets and Memorabilia

Don’t dwell on what you like. Stop and contemplate your children’s interests and hobbies. As a youngster, a baseball bat may have been a true delight. Today, that same pleasure might be for a particular sports team. Splurge on a set of season tickets or locate an object that holds meaning. That could be a ball signed by a favorite player.

Blocks and puzzles may not make the wish list this year. As a grownup, your kids are paying bills and learning about making tough financial choices. This holiday gives the gift of happiness and joy over and over again, making entertainment or pleasure the focus.

Holiday Gifts for Adult Children

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