How Did the 1964 Election Help President Johnson Brainly?

how did the 1964 election help president johnson brainly 38939

What did 1964’s election mean for President Johnson? President Johnson was able to achieve many of his goals thanks to the 1964 election, which resulted in the passage of the civil rights act and other sweeping laws. Other reforms were also possible thanks to President Johnson’s efforts, such as the Voting rights Act of 1965 which eliminated racial discrimination and granted voting rights to millions of Southern African-Americans.

In addition to establishing his popularity as a civil rights leader, the 1964 election provided Lyndon Johnson with the opportunity to build a great society. Johnson’s efforts in improving the lives of American citizens would lead to the passage of the Civil Rights Act and continued involvement in Vietnam War. Johnson was given the responsibility of building a great nation, which would ensure American equality, in the wake of the tragic death of President Kennedy.

How Did the 1964 Election Help President Johnson Brainly?
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