How Did the Crystal Merchant Help Santiago, a Thief?

Santiago, a thief is making extra money by selling his new display case at the shop of a crystal merchant. Two months later, Santiago has more customers than he ever had before, and he figures that his flock can double in size in six months. The merchant also discovered a new way of trading with the Arabs of Spain and Tangier. Santiago decides to take the merchant up on the offer.

Santiago has a dream of finding a treasure under a sycamore tree in Andalusia, Spain. He dreams of that treasure as a boy. He eventually finds it and learns alchemy. He travels to many different places, honing his skills and finding new relationships. He even sees the soul of God, which makes it all worthwhile.

Santiago is taught about fear by the story of the crystal merchant. Although the merchant is content and kind, he is afraid to travel to Mecca. He is afraid to go to a place where he will not be needed to fight and that there will not be anything for him to fight for. Santiago knows he made a mistake, but he still pursues his Personal Legend.

Santiago is helped by the crystal merchant to understand the power and potential of dreams. The desire to find them fuels his dreams and desires for a new lifestyle. As a result, Santiago learns to accept a new job at a crystal merchant’s store. Santiago works for the store for approximately a year and earns enough money that he can go on his dream trip to Egypt. It’s a good thing that Santiago has a dream, even if he can’t quite remember what it feels like to have it.

Santiago is also very important to the crystal merchant. He gives him some valuable information. The merchant also teaches him about the Soul of the World. Although it is not clear why the desert is so appealing to him, the Universe’s guidance is powerful. Santiago has a desire to be a success, and his dreams of being a king are fed by the Universe’s whispers.

Santiago returns to the oasis and meets an Englishman who spent many years studying alchemy. While he’s visiting him, he strikes up a friendship with him. Fatima, a beautiful young woman who loves him, also comes to his aid. Fatima is one of Santiago’s true loves, and she encourages him to continue his quest for treasure.

How Did the Crystal Merchant Help Santiago, a Thief?
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