How is Technology Revolutionizing the Wedding Sector?

How is Technology Revolutionizing the Wedding Sector?

Digitization has been a driving force in the survival of a plethora of industries over the past year and a half and its imprint on the wedding industry, in particular, has been significant. It has affected everything from wedding planning to the creation of dedicated apps and platforms, and the way in which designer and jewelry consultations are carried out. Event planners, caterers, and venues had already been transitioning many of their products and services to the digital sphere but world events made this change much snappier and more expansive. Today, technology is revolutionizing not only the way couples celebrate weddings but also how they share special moments, capture images of their event, and ensure that guests are having a great time from start to finish.

Artificial Intelligence for Wedding Planning

Prior to the global health crisis, around 88% of event professionals already said they would be relying on artificial intelligence (AI) in planning. AI facilitates the job of planners by processing vast amounts of data, locating specific providers of products and services, and finding venues that fit a couple’s needs. Just one area in which AI is making big waves is that of chatbots, which are affordable and adaptable to any size of event. They provide instant, accurate, consistent information to guests, reduce the need for printed material, and help couples plan their big day.

Livestreaming Ceremonies and Receptions

Small, intimate weddings have grown significantly in popularity, while destination weddings are at a low. Technology can extend a wedding’s scope via live streaming, which ensures that loved ones who are abroad or unable to travel don’t miss out on a couple’s most important moments. There are various options for live streaming weddings — including EventLive, Facebook + Instagram Live Streaming, and Joy. The latter has specific wedding-related features. It allows you to receive RSVPs for your live stream, records video to rewatch at a later date, and sends virtual ‘thank you’ messages to attendees.

A Robotic Presence

Tech lovers are embracing robotic assistants at weddings, with robots taking on various roles — including serving, mingling, dancing, and photographic duties. Eva Photography Robot, for instance, takes pictures at events while also allowing guests to use its touchscreen to share images across social media platforms. Robot servers, meanwhile, help ensure that guests aren’t waiting too long for a drink. They enable them to order snacks and beverages and bring finger foods to guests.

Wedding Drones for Beautiful Photography

Drones enable couples to access aerial shots of their big day. Given the fact that outdoor weddings are all the rage these days, many weddings are beautiful to view from the skies, with features such as tents, floral arrangements, and candlelit tables being framed by stunning natural features, Drone video, meanwhile, allows couples to capture beautiful imagery for the intro or outro of their official wedding videos.

Digitization has overtaken almost every industry over the past few years and the wedding industry is no exception. From cutting-edge websites to savvy chatbots, event planners and caterers are utilizing technology to cater more closely to couples’ wishes for their big vent. New developments can also be seen in areas like AI, robotics, and drone photography and video recordings.

How is Technology Revolutionizing the Wedding Sector?

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