How Much Do French Doors Cost in Ontario?

exterior french doors

If you have always dreamed of living in a house filled with sunlight and with a convenient access to your own garden, pay attention to the exterior french doors. These are stylish modern doors with glass panels that admit a plenty of light in the house, making it more cozy and attractive.

From this material you will learn what affects the cost of french doors. We hope it will help you to understand that your dream is much closer to reality than you’ve ever imagined!

How Much Do French Doors Typically Cost?

In order to calculate your costs, you need to consider the following:

  • Material you prefer

There are 3 common options: exterior french doors made of vinyl, steel and fiberglass. The latter is considered the most expensive material on the market. It is often acquired by clients who want the door to look like a wooden one visually, but with better performance characteristics.

Steel doors are considered the most affordable. Vinyl doors have the optimal price-quality ratio.

  • Configuration

It can also influence pricing. You can choose single, double or sliding structures.

In addition, you can experiment with color and choose exactly the shade that harmoniously fits into your interior.

  • Decor

The presence of additional details such as grills of different design, handles, mini-blinds, ventilation windows also influence the price of your order.

  • Project from scratch or replacement of old doors

These factors can also play a role in pricing, as the expenses of a client increase depending on the complexity and duration of the project.

For example, if you want to extend an existing door aperture, it may cost a little more than installing a door into a doorway without changing it.

  • Cost of labor in your region

Summer is considered a high season, when most Canadians are struggling to complete their repair works. Choose the middle of autumn or spring – then the prices for such works will be lower.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time calculating the cost of new exterior french doors, contact Vinyl Light Windows & Door.

This is a reputable company that has been improving Canadian homes for over 13 years.

Vinyl Light is an individual approach: here you will be advised which material and configuration of the doors will be optimal for your house, and also will get help with dismantling the old door and the installation of a new one. And all these you’ll get at the best price in Canada!

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How Much Do French Doors Cost in Ontario?

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