How Often Should A Metal Roof Be Painted?

Metal Roof Be Painted

If you want to ensure that your metal roof lasts longer and serves you better, you have to maintain it properly, and the best way is to paint them using quality paints every 10 years.

Using quality paints might increase the expenditure, but it saves you when it comes to the frequency of painting. 

Some factors might increase or reduce this period, such as; the type of paint used, the brand, and the person doing the job. 

What Are The Benefits Of Painting A Metal Roof?

By painting your metal roof:

1. It serves you longer

Metal roofs are cheaper compared to other roof types. Here, the trick is getting the right quality and using the right kind of paints to last longer. The suitable coating protects it from rusting, increasing its life span. 

The longer the roof stays intact, the more money you save. You end up avoiding replacement costs that require you to get a new set of roofing materials. 

2. You beautify your home.

Even if your metal roof is ok and has no leaks, exposure to heat and the sun makes it fade. Faded tops make the house look dull. The best way to remedy this situation is to apply a coat of paint often. 

Using bright colors when repainting brings a stimulating effect to the home’s appearance. It makes the building stand out, beautifies the area around it, and increases the property’s value. 

There are a variety of quality paints that come in different colors. As you pick one for your metal roof, ensure that it matches the house’s color scheme. 

3. Sustainability

If you want a sustainable roof, then metal roofs should be your first choice. Roofs with bright colors reflect light; this aids in mitigating the heat island effects. 

Bright colors also reflect excess heat, preventing excessive solar heat accumulation. They help keep the house cool during hot weather. 

Another advantage is that they are recyclable. They are the products of recycled materials. After your metal roof wears out or gets damaged, return the pieces to the manufacturers. 

Cost to have a Metal Roof Painted

Painting rates differ due to various reasons such as the type of paints, the quality, the location, and many more. What remains constant is that quality paints are more expensive compared to the regular kind. 

The average cost of painting a 1,500 sq ft. metal roof will be $1,597 – $3,304. This includes some basic prep, but note major repairs before painting.

Helpful tip: If you want a large area or the whole metal roof painted, it would be best to identify companies offering discounts for painting services. You also need to check out reputable companies since you need to guarantee that whatever you’re paying for is worth it.


Metal Roof Painting Tips

For those who have experience in painting, you can do this yourself to save some money. 

If you opt to do the paintwork yourself, below are some tips to make the process efficient and produce better results.

1. Use roof-specific paints

Ensure that you use paints made explicitly for roofs. Do not use wall paint or leftover coats as a way of reducing the budget. 

The materials used to manufacture roof paint ensure that the paint blends well with the surface. Using other types makes your work look pale. 

2. Make use of sealants

Sealants prevent moisture from penetrating and affecting the roof surface. Remember that moisture is responsible for the formation of rust that corrodes the roof. 

With that in mind, use sealants to secure your metal roof before you begin painting. One advantage of hiring a reputable company to do the job for you is knowing the right and the best sealants to use on which metals. 

3. Use energy-efficient paints

These types of paints cost more, but you will love the effects that they come with. They also last twice longer than the other types. This saves you a lot of money in the long run. 

4. Apply enough paint

This is a major problem that many painting rookies have. They try to be economical by applying little paint on the roof surfaces. Experts know how to determine the right amounts of paint to use. 

Applying less paint makes the roof dull and pale. The coat also quickly wears off, meaning that you will have to repaint it frequently.

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How Often Should A Metal Roof Be Painted?

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