5 Tips for Quick and Perfect Application of False Eyelashes Every Time

False Eyelashes

Have you ever looked at a man and wondered how they have such long, natural eyelashes? Let’s be honest, long eyelashes can make a man more attractive.

If you want to try out long eyelashes to look more attractive you can no matter your gender! False eyelashes are the perfect way to boost your makeup routine, but how do you use them?

Read on to find out.

1. Prep Your Natural Lashes

Putting on false eyelashes usually comes after eyeshadow and eyeliner completion. Once you’ve done this part of your makeup routine, you’ll want to prep your natural eyelashes by curling them and applying mascara.

2. Apply Eyelash Glue

It is recommended to use a tweezer for this step to hold the lashes. This will allow you to accurately dab a line of glue on the lash band.

You can squeeze the glue from the tube right onto the lash band, but different techniques work better. Some prefer to place a drop of glue on a q-tip to line the false lash with.

Pro tip: If you want to know how to apply false eyelashes that look real, use a darker glue that will blend into the eyeliner. Black glue is available and will blend into a black eyelash.

If you can’t find darker lash glue at a local store, don’t worry. The standard white glue dries clear and is used by many.

3. Let the Glue Dry… Slightly

When learning how to put on false eyelashes, this is one of the more important steps. The glue needs to dry somewhat, but not all the way. The typical time you should wait is 30 seconds.

Allowing the glue to dry up a little makes it easier for you to put the eyelashes on without worrying about them sliding. You can fan out the glue a bit by waving it in your hand.

If you don’t want glue to end up all over the place, don’t take this step lightly.

4. Press the Lash in Place

You should use the tweezer again for accurate placement during step four. Grab the false lash with the tweezers and place it where your eyeliner is then press into the lash line. Voila!

5. Apply More Mascara and Eyeliner

Even if you put mascara and eyeliner on before placing the false lash, you may need an additional coat to tie everything together. If you aren’t an eyeliner person, don’t worry, you don’t need it.

Keep in mind that adding mascara to false lashes will help the blending process, but limit the use of the lashes. Bacteria can build up on falsies that have mascara on them so limit it to one or two uses.

Applying False Eyelashes: The More You Know

The best false eyelashes depend on the person using them. Everyone will have their own preferences.

Even though this is true, there are things every false eyelash user should know. Consider these do’s and don’ts in the makeup world:

Do Experiment With Different Pairs

You can find false eyelashes at Ulta, Sephora, your local beauty store, Lavaa Beauty, and more. Because there are so many different stores with different types of lashes, don’t limit yourself to one kind.

Although this article focuses on glue-on eyelashes, magnetic false eyelashes are becoming popular. Learn what works best for you by experimenting with new brands and ideas.

Don’t Apply Lashes Before Other Eye Makeup

Putting on false eyelashes should be one of the last things you do during your makeup routine especially after applying eyeshadow and eyeliner.

If you do eye makeup after putting on lashes, you may end up with makeup on top of them instead of having a seamless look.

Another bonus tip to make false eyelashes look seamless is to re-curl them after applying. You can do this even if you curled the falsies before putting them on.

You can also add a kit for lash lift and tint to your vanity box.

Do Attempt to Use Halfsies

Using the whole eyelash strip doesn’t work for everyone. Try using only half of the eyelash instead.

We know that this may not cover your entire eye, but that’s the point. When you cut the eyelash in half and place it on the outer corner of your eye, the look is different. Maybe that look is for you so don’t be afraid to try it out!

Don’t Glue Your Eyelids Closed

This ‘don’t’ is a given, but we want to stress the importance of using adhesive eyelash glue as safely as possible. You can keep the glue away from the waterline on your eye by keeping your eyes open during the application process.

To make things even easier, try using a hand mirror placed below your eyes. While still looking forward, you will be able to see your lash line.

Do Trim Your False Lashes

While experimenting with different eyelash brands, shapes, and sizes, you may run into issues. Instead of wasting money and throwing false eyelashes away, trim them when you need to.

If the eyelashes are too wide for your eyelid, trim them to the right length. You don’t want falsies to hang over your eyes like a furry boa.

You can also trim your eyelashes if they are too long and hang over your eyes. If it’s hard to see after putting false lashes on, consider it a sign to trim them.

For a more natural look, you can trim individual lashes at different lengths. No one eyelash is the same!

Are You Adding False Eyelashes to Your Makeup Routine?

Adding false eyelashes to a makeup routine is a no-brainer for most people. For others, it is a scary idea.

Anyone who loves makeup can learn to love what false eyelashes can add to it. Don’t be afraid to try something new in your routine. Follow these tips to get started.

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5 Tips for Quick and Perfect Application of False Eyelashes Every Time

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