Is the Salesforce Administrator a Good Career Option?

Salesforce Administrator

“The key to great and successful sales is effective sales force Management.”

Salesforce is known as the face of any organization, so the companies are spending time and money on sales and not on any other commercial operations. All organizations require sales to stay in business and enjoy sustainable growth; thus, managing a sales force is essential to reach business and sales goals. These organizations realized that they need to put customers at the center of everything they do. Here Salesforce offers the most powerful way to boost CRM ( Customer relationship management ) strategies and outcomes. It gives them the power to build useful software solutions and offers customized services.

Today’s business world is highly competitive, and Salesforce management helps several organizations identify new opportunities, utilize and manage customer data, organize marketing campaigns, and improve communications. It also helps in making powerful decisions and drives more robust business growth. Salesforce plays a vital role in generating income and revenue. A salesforce team always works together to drive the sales forward/high and increase brand awareness. 

Therefore almost all the big and small organizations are hiring salespeople or salesforce administrators to overcome the challenges of finding a cohesive team to work well. There are growing opportunities in salesforce management, and many people are taking an interest in Salesforce admin certification to grab the attractive job role. This article will tell you more about salesforce admin and some of the reasons to choose a career as a salesforce admin. 

What is a Salesforce Administrator?

Salesforce Administrator is known as a system administrator who is a vital bridge between technology and business. Salesforce administrators are specialized in salesforce’s suite of products. Being a salesforce admin means to be on a long-term career path or a way to improve the career path you’re already on. They possess a high level of skills and expertise that rivals other employees in Salesforce. They work with stakeholders to define requirements and customize the platform to give the most salesforce to their users. Salesforce administrators maintain the CRM platform to make it easy to use at any technical level. They always keep employees updated with new tools, technologies, updates, and capabilities. In addition, they are charged with managing and overseeing the setup and implementation of Salesforce. 

Salesforce administrators also add new users to the platform, check system permissions on users to provide or restrict the data access and make required changes in the existing accounts. They also eliminate duplicate contacts or Salesforce accounts using bulk updating them or amalgamating them. They create reports from the empirical data stored in an SRM system and production figures and facts that can help boost the business income. Using a tool like slack can boost your salesforce productivity.

A Salesforce administrator’s job is one of the highest sought-after job roles in the market. There are many job roles available like Salesforce developer, salesforce administrator, salesforce consultant, etc. The salesforce administrator performs different declarative changes and deals with the new discharges into an effective atmosphere. 

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Salesforce Administrator as a Career Option

Salesforce is a huge company having almost 42000 employees across the world. In the time period of 2016-2020, around 2 million jobs were generated,  and predictions for 4.5 million more jobs by the end of the year 2025 (estimation by IDC). So it is the fastest-growing company that is hiring a variety of roles ranging from marketing and management to sales and engineers.

Some Key Attractions- Some of the key attractions of salesforce administration jobs are as follows.

  • Over 200,000 companies have implemented Salesforce within their organizations.
  • Almost 3.3 million jobs are about to come into the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022.
  • The average annual growth of the Salesforce platform is estimated to be around 65%.
  • According to an IDC report, the salesforce ecosystem leads the market with almost 20% of the total market share. 

These statements are showing that there will be no slow down in the Salesforce growth and market. If someone wants to make a career with salesforce then they can surely think of it and move ahead to boost their career. A Salesforce administrator’s job is one of the highest sought-after job roles in the market, and sometimes requires help from professional resume writers to get a job.

Salesforce CRM is Popular- Salesforce has revolutionized the technology industry with its interesting features. It was first used by Amazon cloud services and it started gaining popularity. It was the only company that launched the app store back in 2005. Salesforce is so popular that Forbs regards it as the most innovative company for 4 years due to its constant innovation.

Why Become a Salesforce Administrator?

Being a Salesforce Administration can be a good career choice because of the following reasons.

  • Huge Job Opportunities- If you want to become a salesforce administrator, you can enjoy extensive job opportunities as the demand for salesforce professionals is increasing continuously. The Salesforce job market is becoming a hub of opportunities for candidates. 
  •  Working With Leading Technology- Becoming a Salesforce administrator means working with a world-dominating technology that has grown by 25% for the past 4 years. Salesforce is the world’s leading and massively sought-after CRM platform.
  • High Earnings- Salesforce administrators can get high salaries on the basis of talent and market demand. The average salary for a salesforce administrator is  ₹5,23,188 in India. In the US they can earn  U$ 122,350 as a senior post while in the junior post they can earn around U$ 97,350 on average per annum. So high salaries are one of the important reasons to become a salesforce administrator. 
  • Innovative Platform- Salesforce has existed in the technology world for the last two decades, and there are no signs of a slowdown. Salesforce administrators are working with an exciting and innovative platform as it releases updates and rolls out innovative new features three times a year. 
  • Huge Community- Salesforce is a huge and inclusive community. So if you come across any difficulty working as a salesforce administrator, you can connect with like-minded people in such communities and share your issues. There are experienced professionals who can offer you the right solutions. 

Salesforce offers multiple routes into the ecosystem and is far more accessible than we think. So it seems a quite good career choice to become a Salesforce administrator to achieve your goals in the technology sector.

Is the Salesforce Administrator a Good Career Option?

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