How Smartphones Are Made

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Despite how much smartphones have affected people’s lives, not many people consider how the phones are manufactured. The process of building a phone from scratch is rather complicated, but it’s easier to understand when it’s broken down.

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The first step in making a new smartphone is establishing a prototype. Manufacturers often meet in a board room and run through several ideas. Once there’s a consensus on what should be used, the blueprint is sent to a lab. Aesthetics, functionality and durability are just a few factors that developers consider when they begin work. The electronics engineering department usually handles the handset, processor, camera and memory components. After everything seems to be working, the prototype is sent back to the board for review. If the prototype is approved, the software department takes the handset and sees how it can work with the operating system they have in mind.


Experts from different fields have to ensure the handset lives up to standards before producing more. The bend test, drop test and water tests are used to see how strong the hardware is. A team also examines the software for bugs and security. Sometimes a specialist uses directional couplers and splitters to help with monitoring transmission through different radiofrequency signals. The testing process is crucial because once manufacturers go ahead with production, it’s harder to go back and change things.

Mass Production

The production process can involve outsourced services or work inside the company’s plant. When there are enough skilled workers on board, a team can assemble a high volume of smartphones at a fast rate. The handsets are then packaged and shipped for distribution.

Smartphones add many conveniences to daily life, provide entertainment and keep people connected. Understanding how these products are made can help people appreciate them all the more, and maybe inspire future entrepreneurs.

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How Smartphones Are Made

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