How Tall Is Luka Modric?

How tall is Luka Modric The Croatian footballer currently plays for Real Madrid and the Croatian national team. He can play in various midfield positions, including central midfield, attacking midfield, and winger. Dinamo Zagreb signed him in 2002. He is currently a member the Real Madrid’s team. Modric stands at 5’9″ tall, which is just over 1.74 meters. He was born September 9, 1985 and will be 37 years old in 118 Days.

In late 2018, Modric released his autobiography Moja igra, which was co-written by a prominent Croatian sports journalist. He is 36 years old, eight months and five days. His birthday will be on Friday, September 9th 2022. Luka Modric has a girlfriend, and his family is mainly religious. The net worth of the Croatian player is $75 million.

At 27 years of age, Modric made his competitive Premier League debut in August 2008. He played in the right wing position and scored the only goal against Middlesbrough in an away defeat. He is a versatile player and can play for any team in the world. He is also an excellent defender. The player is only 25 cm taller than Harry Kane, who was his coach at the time. The Croatian’s height is now considered a plus factor in his contract.

The Croatian footballer was a star in youth soccer and a key player for the national team. Later, he was a star with Dinamo Zagreb and joined the Croatian army during times of bombings and instability. Modric persevered hard despite the fact that his first team failed. In 2005, he was signed by Dinamo Zagreb.

Despite being relatively short, Luka Modric has managed to make up for his diminutive height with a remarkable amount of success. The international from Croatia has won 115 caps since his debut against Argentina in 2006. Modric is second in the all-time appearance list for the Balkans, behind Darijo Srna. The Croatian international has also scored 14 goals for his country. The diminutive stature of Luka Modric makes him an excellent teammate and is a vital part of Real Madrid’s success.

Luka Modric stands 5’9″ tall and weighs in at 115 pounds. He is athletic and agile. He plays a key role in the success and growth of Tottenham Hotspur. He plays for Real Madrid and the Croatian national football team. The Premier League’s most expensive player is currently the Croatian football star. We can only hope that he continues to grow in his game.

Luka Modric was born and raised in Zadar, Croatia. The area is located on the southern slopes of mountain Velebit, just north of Zadar. His father is Stipe Modric and his mother is Radojka Dopud. His paternal grandfather lived in Krusevo near Obrovac. Modric spent his childhood with his grandparents.

How Tall Is Luka Modric?
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