How the Right Fabric Can Transform Your Home

How the Right Fabric Can Transform Your Home

Your home should be a representation of you, fun and unique! Bring both your furniture and decorations to life by adding fresh fabrics to the mix. From vibrant colours to artistic patterns, there is no limit when it comes to styling your home. Whether you combine fabrics or stick to one, the possibilities are endless.

Liven Your Walls

Wallpaper is a timeless way to add depth to your walls, boosting your home’s overall appearance. Using fabric instead of paper is a fresh and innovative approach to decorating with wallpaper.

Printable fabrics are a great option for walls as they are convenient and customisable. Polyester textiles in particular are an easy and beautiful way to counteract bland walls. These textiles are lightweight and DIY-friendly. Other fabrics that are nice for wallpaper include breathable cotton and smooth silk. Though velvet fabric sounds like a nice way to add texture to your walls, it is often heavy and holds onto moisture.

Brighten Your Windows

You cannot deny that curtains truly bring a room together. There are so many options when it comes to what fabric to use for curtains. The type of curtains you get not only depends on the ambiance you are looking for but how much light you want to let in.

If you are going for a more elegant look, then linen or cotton would be the ideal fabric for your curtains. These fabrics are airy and will allow trickles of light to brighten the room To keep the option open to have a completely dark or fully lit room, then blackout curtains are for you. They are also quite nifty when it comes to temperature control! Try getting double-sided curtains that have an attractive colour or pattern on the exterior, but a lockout panel on the interior for a sleek look and practical purpose.

Protect Your Upholstery

If you have little ones, pets, or are simply accident-prone, you know how crucial it is to have fabric that can bounce back. Using polyester fabric on your couches, ottomans, and chairs is a great way to simultaneously keep your furnishings stylish and safe. Due to its enduring material, polyester is a dependable fabric ready to be with you for the long haul. Thanks to its family-friendly benefits, polyester is very common and, therefore, affordable. Given polyester’s high production rate, it comes in an endless array of fashionable colours.

Another great option is cotton as it is a tough, durable fabric that is simultaneously soft to the touch and very breathable, making it optimal for virtually any portion of your home. Cotton is also known for its fade-resistance, meaning it reacts well to sun exposure and general wear. Use it to upholster your sunroom furniture, and save yourself from having to replace any discoloured fabric.

Use Your Creativity

Do not limit a certain fabric to just one part of your home! Each fabric has many types that can be used for completely different items. For example, both cotton sheets and towels are made with the same fabric but look and feel completely different. When decorating your home, get creative by utilising different types, colors, and patterns of fabric in multiple rooms and on various surfaces.

Mesh is also a great way to put a unique spin on your home’s interior. Mesh is a lightweight, woven fabric that also comes in various forms. It might not seem like your average household fabric, but it has a surprisingly wide range in terms of decoration and provides a window into creativity. One of the most versatile types of mesh is tulle. From bed skirts to table skirts, tulle can bring a lot of fun into your home. You can freshen up your curtains by hanging tulle over them or replacing them with tulle altogether for a simple and elegant look. Keep the uniqueness flowing with tulle throw pillows, and an ornamental tulle wreath. Even get wild and create a whimsical tulle chandelier!

Select which fabrics fit your lifestyle and home best. Just remember, using a functional fabric does not mean you have to sacrifice personal style. Whether you choose classic cotton, reliable polyester, soft silk, airy linen, elegant mesh, or a combination of any or all, it is hard to go wrong!

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How the Right Fabric Can Transform Your Home

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