How to Become a Power BI Developer?

Power BI Developer

With technology molding our lives every single second, newer concepts are being formulated to help create better approaches towards our lifestyle, including work. If we talk about businesses, a lot has been changed since the introduction of Power BI in the field. Not only has it redefined the way the companies manage all their data but has also made it a lot easier to visualize and understand it. If you wish to become a Power BI developer, then getting a Power BI certification and through training are two of the most critical steps you mustn’t skip at all.

Who is a Power BI Developer?

A Power BI Developer’s primary work centers on analyzing the data and visualizing it interactively in the form of dashboards and reports. Given below are some of the other responsibilities that a Power BI developer has to fulfill:

  1. Developing and operating Power BI
  2. Creating Analysis Services report models
  3. Carrying out row-level security on data
  4. Managing design methodology
  5. Managing project documentation
  6. Building tabular and multidimensional models that are functional with the respective warehouse standards.
  7. Connecting to sources providing data, importing and analyzing it.
  8. Building data models after having an in-depth understanding of the requisites of the business
  9. Integrating Power BI reports in other platforms
  10. Creating DAX queries in Power BI Desktop
  11. Performing complex calculations on datasets, etc.

Prerequisites for Becoming a Power BI Developer

After getting an idea of the roles a Power BI developer has to handle, let’s look at the various requirements of successfully becoming a Power BI developer:

  1. Candidates must belong to a computer background with robust prior experience
  2. Must have worked on projects like data warehousing, data gateways and data preparation for more than five years
  3. Must have sufficient knowledge of Business Intelligence and BI analytical tools like SSRS, SSAS, SSIS, etc.
  4. Should be well-aware of the functioning of Power BI
  5. They must know the fundamentals of JavaScript, CSS and SQL

Power BI Developer

Importance of Power BI Courses

Getting yourself enrolled in an online or offline class of Power BI is generally preferred by most of the candidates to expand their knowledge on the subject and grab good internships during their college. A side-by-side course helps in managing time efficiently by making you prepared thoroughly for the field by the time you complete your graduation.

These courses also provide you with PowerShell training, which is another the candidates must be aware of to integrate it with Power BI for business intelligence purposes.

IT experts like Koenig Solutions offer an incredible 3-day Power Bi training course that covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Self-Service BI Solutions
  • Creating Power BI dashboards
  • Importing data into Power BI
  • Shaping and combining data
  • Modeling data
  • Creating Power BI reports
  • Direct connectivity
  • Using the Developer API
  • Power BI Mobile App, etc.

The course is available online after registration and fee payment. Besides the theoretical part, it also aims to teach the working of the Power BI practically. At the end of the Power BI training, all the trainees who have completed learning will be able to pass the Microsoft certification exam. When cleared with bright colors, they will achieve a valid and recognizable certificate regarding the same. It will serve as a testimony to your knowledge and skills acquired during this tenure.

Job Prospects for A Power BI Developer

Many leading tech-giants like Microsoft, Apollo, Adobe, Infosys, HCL, etc. make use of Power BI as a tool to analyze the latest trends in business and visualize it for better understanding and other purposes. Securing a certificate for successfully qualifying the Microsoft exam could land you in these companies as a Power BI Developer on different positions, depending on your experience as well.


With data piling up and being prone to changes every second depending on the market, it becomes inevitable to make use of business analysis tools like Power BI. And it is positively sure that in the distant future, the scope for a Power BI developer and analysts are yet to grow more. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply for such positions since the pay scale is quite high and the future prospects are also exceptionally bright.

How to Become a Power BI Developer?

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