4 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting

Let’s face reality, virtual meetings can sometimes be quite boring. If you are looking for ways to improve your next online meeting, then read the list below for tips and tricks to wow your crowd.

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1. Customizable Swag

If you want to increase participation and have something useful that can be used multiple times, consider using fill in the blank t-shirts. These shirts can be used to describe feelings, beliefs and ideas. Whether you are trying to be serious or funny, having customizable t-shirts encourages group members to participate and voice their opinion.

2. Online Games

Who doesn’t like playing a game? Although a little healthy competition is fun, games don’t always have to involve points. If you don’t want to do a competitive game, consider doing a get to know you game this will help with building a relaxing environment. With so many great online games available, make sure to plan a game for your next virtual meeting.

3. Themes

Remember in Elementary school when you had pajama day or crazy socks day? What made those events special is that they didn’t happen every day. Try adding a theme to your next meeting, whether it’s crazy hair, silly hat or jersey day, your team will benefit from the fun of doing something new.

4. Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds are a great way for group members to showcase their personalities. Encourage participants before the meeting to find a background that represents them. This could mean having a photo of a favorite vacation spot, outer space or even a scene from a movie, the ideas are endless. Plus, this will help group members to make connections and form relationships.

As you can see, creating engaged virtual meetings isn’t as hard as it may seem. However, with the right tools, you will be keeping group members happy and ready for another online meeting.

4 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Meeting

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