How to Become a Sneakerhead: A Simple Guide

How to Become a Sneakerhead

The marriage between the internet and sneakers is a passionate one! Sneaker culture went from being a niche hobby to a full-fledged lifestyle once it found its home on the web!

Everything you need to know about how to become a sneakerhead aficionado is now at your fingertips.

Whether it’s side-hustle or just a personal fix, there is no better time in history to become a sneakerhead. So here are the fundamental principles on getting started!

Study the History

Believe it or not but sneaker culture has its roots as far back as the ’70s. Like all cultures, its lifeblood is in its history.

Take the time and attention to appreciate sneaker culture’s past. This way you will begin to see the patterns and cycles that separate the sneakerhead from the casual sneaker consumer.

Learning about shoes isn’t only about seeing colors and patterns—see the stories behind them as well!


The more unique and sought-after you want your collection to be, the more connections you need to make. Again, in this information age, there are a variety of ways to maximize your contacts with sellers and other sneakerheads.

Make the most of online platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This will ensure that you stay on top of the wave when it comes to new releases from your favorite brands and stores.

Separate the Fake From the Real

The counterfeit industry is thriving in sneaker culture, so be careful that you don’t get stung while collecting shoes!

Especially if you’re buying online, make sure that the seller has enough credentials to build confidence. Photos and account activity can tell you a lot about the seller’s reputation. If there are any red flags, better to be safe than sorry.

Nowadays, there are many sneaker authentication services and apps. But a real sneakerhead still needs to develop a good eye for inconsistencies in stitching, font, and gluing.

Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of your favorite brand. Never get complacent, these fake artists are always out to be one step ahead of you!

Love Your Sneakers

Although this sounds like a no-brainer, there is a lot more to loving your sneaker than meets the eye.

Take care as to which activities you engage in with which types of shoes. Alternate your sneakers to ensure that they don’t age too quickly.

Putting them in the washing machine is never an option for a sneakerhead! Clean them manually!

Storage conditions are essential to your sneakers’ longevity. Find out how to store your sneakers away from corrupting influences like light and temperature.

How to Become a Sneakerhead That Is Authentic

One thing you will notice on your journey is the hatred for resellers! These are people that only care about making a buck! That is not the primary motivation of a real sneakerhead!

Resellers let the money influence what they collect. Sneakerheads collect because of their love for the culture. Resellers scalp large quantities of new releases and shut out the real collectors.

Don’t use your newfound powers for evil!

If there is one key principle on how to become a sneakerhead, it would be: never let the money override the love!

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How to Become a Sneakerhead: A Simple Guide

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