How to Care for and Store Your Prom Gown

Prom Gown

Your prom dress is unlike anything you’d wear on a regular basis. It takes extra care to keep it looking its best and should be handled with caution. It’s typical to buy your gown a few weeks before prom, which raises the question of how to keep it safe.

It’s crucial to prepare your garment for weeks of hanging or storage so that it still looks great when you’re ready to wear it. Our tutorial will show you how to properly prepare your gown so that it retains its charm. When your special day arrives, your outfit will be ready to go. You can keep it crease-free and in a like-new shape by following a few simple steps.

The first step is to locate a secure storage facility. This could be in your closet or in a different area. The environment should be dust-free, spotless, and free of dogs or youngsters. Your dress should have enough room to avoid having to be folded in the first place. You should be able to avoid wrinkles and crease lines as a result of this.

Before the Prom, Here’s How to Store Your Dress

Prom Gown

If at all possible, keep your clothing in a box that is totally flat so the dress needs very little folding.

Hang your outfit if you can’t store it flat. Use a wide, circular hanger that won’t leave indentations on the dress’s straps or neckline. Cover with a plastic dress cover that zips through. Make sure the dress is not touching the ground and is hanging straight.

To keep your clothing bug-free, spray it with a light insect/moth repellent. Before using the product, make sure it doesn’t have a strong odor that will be difficult to remove from the fabric.

Keep your gown out of direct sunlight. The color of your dress may fade or dull if you hang it in a room with a lot of sunlight.

Allow for some breathing room in your dressing room by not cramming it too tightly into a compact space.

Before you put on your dress, make sure it’s ready to go

Prom Gown

As prom day approaches, it’s time to take out your dress, air it out, and double-check that it’s still free of creases and wrinkles. Examine your entire gown and try it on once more. Check to see if the cloth is resting flat and hasn’t changed shape while being stored.

Don’t be alarmed if you discover a wrinkle or crease. You may carefully extract these from the fabric at home if you have a hand-held steamer. Alternatively, you can have your dress pressed at a dry cleaner to remove any creases. You should now be ready to put on your prom gown and have a good time!

After the Prom, How Do You Clean Your Dress?

Prom Gown

Your dress may have a little scratch, stain, or hole/tear that has to be repaired now that prom night is gone. You should clean your dress before storing it in your closet so that it is fresh and ready to wear again.

Examine your outfit from head to toe. Make a note of any stains or tears that need to be repaired. Small stains can be removed by yourself (see our stain removal guide for more info). You can also just take it to the dry cleaners for a thorough cleaning. You may need to use many applications depending on the size of the stain and the type of stain.

Don’t worry if you notice a hole or rip; they can easily be mended or sewed up to seem fresh new. Before storing your dress away, locate a garment repair shop or a seamstress in your area and have any repairs completed. Reattaching or repairing lost or damaged decorations or zips is also an option.

After Prom, How to Store Your Dress

Prom Gown

After you’ve cleaned and repaired your garment, it’s time to put it back in storage, preferably in the same secure location. A prom gown can be worn to other formal occasions in the future, such as weddings and balls. You can also tweak or alter some of the features to make it into a new outfit.

Cover your dress and return it to the box or rack. Make sure you’ve left enough room and that your outfit is fully clean. It’s time to reapply bug repellant. To keep the garment fresh-smelling, add a fragrant sachet, such as lavender, to your box or tape from the hanger.

You’ll need to check on the garment on a regular basis. Remove it from storage and hang it to enable it to breathe away from the sun. Check for moth holes and keep any bug treatments up to date. Steam clean it on a regular basis to maintain its shape and prevent it from distorting with time.

Hacks for Storing Prom Dresses

Prom Gown

Put a few sachets of silica gel in your box or attach to your dress’s hanger. This will absorb the moisture in the air and keep mold at bay. On materials like jersey or velvet, use a lint roller to remove any excess fluff and make your garment look more professional.

If you need to carry your dress and don’t have enough room, roll it rather than folding it to avoid creases.  Avoid storing your clothes in basements or warm linen closets and instead keep them at room temperature. The fabric may alter over time as a result of the temperature variation.  Dresses have thin fabric loops sewed into the necklines for hanging. Each side should be looped over the top of the hanger.

If your garment has a strong stench after being taken out of storage, use an odor-eating fabric spray to freshen it up.  When attending formal gatherings, keep a strain removal pen on hand to help lift the stain before it sets into the fabric.  Replace any replacement beads or buttons with care and keep them in a secure location. You never know when you’ll need anything like this.  You can hand-wash your dress with a gentle detergent if the label instructions allow it. Allow to air dry if possible, then lie flat to maintain the shape.

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How to Care for and Store Your Prom Gown

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