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Hawaiian Wedding

A wedding is a long-awaited and fateful event in the life of every person. The wedding is the starting point, the starting point of the joint journey. There is one saying that says “as you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it.” Probably, it is relevant not only for celebrating the New Year. And therefore, the wedding day must be easy, romantic, exciting, bringing only positive emotions to the newlyweds and their guests. I want to remember this day and associate it with the most beautiful day that marked the beginning of your long and happy life together.

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Today, newlyweds increasingly prefer original weddings to traditional weddings. One of these options for the celebration, we, the agency for organizing events “Life is Beautiful” and want to offer you, namely the organization of a wedding in the style of Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Islands are a real “Paradise on Earth”, as they are often called, an amazing and surprisingly attractive atmosphere of endless rest, relaxation, and romance

A Hawaiian wedding is a very original wedding and is associated, of course, with summer, sparkling warm sand, turquoise water, fragrant flowers, and ripe fruits. And if you find the standard celebration at long tables in the banquet hall banal, and the usual white dress and suit boring, if you want sun and exoticism – a Hawaiian wedding, then that will fulfill all your desires!

Just imagine how tempting it is to be in a distant sunny lagoon away from traffic jams, worries, and bustle. A sultry, seductive, alluring tropical wedding is a treasure trove of bliss and fun. Also, a Hawaiian wedding will pleasantly surprise and delight you with its colorful traditions. Also, you can do Hawaiian-style makeup via the great products of Faceshop.

A Hawaii-style wedding includes an incomparable and original wedding ceremony. The bride has arrived for the celebration, as the trumpeters announce. The off-site marriage registration ceremony will be held in the open air – there is a flower altar on the sand, and a red carpet covered with petals and exotic flowers leads to it. Here the young, kneeling in front of each other, exchange vows of love and fidelity, their hands are tied with lei, symbolizing love and devotion. At the end of the ceremony, the spouses throw them into the water, as a sign of liberation from the burden of a past life and the beginning of a new, joint one. Then the groom presents the bride with a salute of live exotic butterflies and together they launch lanterns in the form of a heart into the sky.

At the entrance, guests are greeted by charming islander girls who greet them with joyful exclamations of “Aloha”, meaning greetings and wishes for happiness, peace and presenting each guest with a Hawaiian flower garland. And also offering to treat yourself to Hawaiian rum, poured into exotic fruits, and treated to Hawaiian cigars.

Original Hula folk dance, enchanting fire show, Hawaiian dance master class, origami lessons, traditional food, drum show, exotic drinks, incendiary music, fountains of fire, making tiki statues, indispensable chanting, lighting a torch and sacred leaf, bartender show, healing Hawaiian massage, themed contests and games – all this amazing atmosphere of carefree fun will take you to the hot islands of Hawaii and will remain in your memory for a long time.

When and where can you have a Hawaiian Wedding?

You don’t have to wait for summer to have a Hawaiian-style holiday. Any time of the year is suitable for this celebration. And it will probably be even more pleasant in winter to plunge into the warm atmosphere of the luxurious coast of Hawaii.

The organization of Hawaiian-style weddings, of course, does not include the obligatory departure of the newlyweds and guests to the Hawaiian Islands. Since not all invitees may be able to leave their affairs for a long time. The classic venue for a Hawaiian wedding is under a tent and an arch on the beach, that is, it provides for a festive organization on the coast of the sea, river, or lake.

But if you do not have such an opportunity, or if the wedding is not in the summer season, it does not matter. You can always make your adjustments. Weddings can be arranged on a double-deck yacht or motor ship, which is also very romantic. The upper deck can be used as a registration area and the lower deck for a banquet. Also, in a restaurant, a mansion, or a villa with a pool, banquet hall, or sauna. The main thing is a great mood and an appropriate atmosphere.

Room Decoration

When everything became clear with the venue, it should be decorated and convey the whole atmosphere of a Hawaiian wedding.


The noise of the sea, sand, sun, mountains, trees – all this will give an exotic mood. You can add some artificial palm trees, sun loungers, an inflatable shark swims in the water, a flower altar for the wedding ceremony is immediately installed and a red carpet decorated with flowers leads to it. Tables can be set directly on sand or pebbles, overlooking the sea. It is advisable to provide an awning in advance that will protect you from the sun. Decorate the tents with ribbons and flowers.

Another Room

Any of the venues you choose for your Hawaiian wedding can be infused with an exotic island ambiance. The hall can be decorated with fabric and decorated with flowers, add decorative inflatable palms, flower garlands, fishing nets, ambient lighting with real torches, hanging cages with exotic birds and parrots. On the walls are posters and photographs depicting the coastline, Hawaiian Islands, and dancing in the sand. You can also attach a surfboard to the wall, and place diving kits next to it. For greater effect, if possible, you can cover the floor with plastic bags and sprinkle it with clean sand. A time-consuming task, but worth it!


If there is a pool on the site, then it should be decorated in the style of a coastal restaurant located on a colorful island. Place an inflatable island in the middle of it and decorate the pool with flowers and candles.

If there is no pool, then you can use a small inflatable pool indoors and decorate it thematically.

Wedding Menu

When organizing a Hawaiian wedding, it is preferable to forget about tables for “four to eight” people, standing with the letter “P” and so on. Your wedding should be colorful and unusual. Everyone needs to feel comfortable. Therefore, organize one long table from which each guest can treat themselves to what they liked. It is also advisable not to use standard chairs, but to replace them with sofas, folding chairs, and sun loungers, with towels of juicy colors thrown over them.

The table setting should be approached carefully, decorating it with flowers, shells, bright napkins. The main dish of the table is, of course, all kinds of fruits, juices, and cocktails, richly decorated with tinsel, paper figures, straws, and umbrellas. And also, some traditional Hawaiian dishes: baked fish dishes, octopus salads, shrimp in a garlic sauce, fruit desserts. Light salads with fresh vegetables, seafood, grilled fish, or meat are preferred.

What to wear for a Hawaiian Wedding?

When organizing a holiday, all guests should be warned about the chosen theme of the wedding. And it is advisable to devote them in detail to the dress code, indicating the necessary information on the website of your wedding or invitation cards.

The outfits of the newlyweds, like the outfits of the guests, must meet the requirements of a Hawaiian wedding. The bride can be dressed in a long white dress; instead of a veil, there must be a flower decoration on her head. The Hawaiian bride’s wedding dress is called holoku, and the flower wreath is called Haku lei. The groom should dress in a white shirt and white trousers, and wrap a wide red belt around the waist. But of course, there are no laws. This is your wedding, and the main thing is that you feel attractive and comfortable in your outfits.

Suitable for girls: short tops, T-shirts, skirts stylized as palm leaves, swimwear, and pareos, flying sarafans. Loose hair, decorated with flowers and ribbons. And also, the corresponding attributes – hats, bracelets and shell beads, flower wreaths, and garlands.

Relevant for men: bright Hawaiian shirts, shorts, baseball caps, colored ties.

Pay attention to your wedding outfits and the Hawaiian mood is guaranteed even before the celebration begins.

Hawaiian wedding is a unique opportunity to plunge into the sunny atmosphere of the warm islands, enjoy bright colors, fun, and recharge with excellent positive energy for your entire happy life together! Give yourself and your guests a piece of the paradise of our planet!

Wedding Organization: Hawaiian Wedding

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