How To Choose The LED UFO High Bay Light

How To Choose The LED UFO High Bay Light

One good space needs to be well decorated. And the choice of decorations is very important. For example, the main purpose for most people to choose decorations is to get a good lighting solution or unique lighting design. It will be a whole new visual experience if the lighting scheme is optimized. The right fixtures can make your place visually larger with clear sightlines. Some lamps have a good appearance but poor lighting effects or there are lamp with excellent lighting performance but extremely complicated to install. CINOTON’s lamps will find the best lighting solution for you.

If you want to choose the right luminaire why not read the following CINOTON recommended lighting solutions, which will make your place brightly illuminated and thus increase your work efficiency. We can’t ignore the aesthetics and have designed the most distinctive lamps. Durability and longevity are the most basic guarantees of our brand.

Now, CINOTON is about to introduce you an outstanding performance LED UFO HIGH BAY LIGHT.

一、Lighting solutions offered by CINOTON

CINOTON, as a leading brand in the LED lighting industry, has released a UFO high bay light which is proud of. This high bay light will help solve your lighting problems. Choosing the right lighting solution helps enhance your premises, CINOTON is very keen on helping users solve their lighting problems. CINOTON’s fixtures will extend the usability of your premises into the darkness of the night, highlight the features of your place and improve improve the work efficiency of your place.

二、How to choose the right lamps

The choices of led light fixtures would become very important if the place is a large space for work or activities such as: garages, barns, canopies, factories, houses, passages, warehouses, workshops, exhibition halls, supermarkets, stadiums, etc. If you needs to install your commercial areas with better lighting, you need a light fixture that’s durable and highly efficient, yet saves money on your electricity bills. Therefore, CINOTON believes that the UFO High Bay Light is the right choice for you.

三、Why UFO High Bay Lights are your best choice

  1. EASY LIGHTING: UFO high bay light makes it easy for everyone to get wide and bright lighting. This commercial industrial light is assembled with SMD2835 chip, color rendering index>80, UGR<19, and clear brightness.
  2. Various Wattage: The UFO high bay lights sold by CINOTON are always available in different options of 100W/150W/160W. The best performing 160W high bay light is super bright and energy saving, 5000K daylight provides you 22400 lumens output, equivalent to 700 watts halogen/sodium light, helping you save up to 85% of your electricity bill.
  3. Material Durability: CINOTON made with die-cast aluminum, so the heat dissipation of this high bay light shell is outstanding. And the built-in materials extend the service life to 50,000 hours, solving the problem that you often need to replace lighting equipment, and maintenance of lighting equipment.
  4. Wide range of applications: this high bay light uses the American plug design, as long as there is power to the place to plug in the immediate use, no other lighting fixtures cumbersome installation process. In addition, the unique IP65 waterproof design also makes you use the place is no longer limited, whether it is indoor or outdoor it is equally good performance.
  5. CINOTON product certification: CINOTON has always been concerned about the quality of the product, with ETL certification, to ensure that all products are better quality safety and reliability.
  6. Quality Warranty: CINOTON UFO High Bay Lights provide customers with complete after-sale service and 3-5 years warranty in addition to 30 days money back guarantee. If there is any problem with the light products, please contact us in time. Click through to the website now to find out more, or feel free to contact CINOTON.

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How To Choose The LED UFO High Bay Light
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