How to Decorate Kitchen with Farmhouse Style


The absolute prettiness of the farmhouse style is unforgettable. It’s a style which carves in your heart as it celebrates countryside decor which is warm and very appealing. The mix and match of natural elements with open spaces and everything made from scratch look lovely.

Isn’t it amazing you can bring any interior style of any geographical location to your home with some subtle changes? Fortunately, you can revamp your kitchen to this delight very quickly. So, Bring the farmhouse style in with the fantastic decor and design tips.

Then, let’s have a look at how you can incorporate the evergreen soulful farmhouse look in your kitchen.

The Farmhouse Kitchen Palette

The farmhouse style welcomes bright and larger spaces. So, a simple palette like neutral, white, off-white, beige, and gray are best. To create a harmonious balance, you can add bright accent pieces. The light and colors bring in more light and make the place look more prominent and colossal.

Traditional Flooring

Create an accent statement with flooring. The farmhouse style embraces all-natural, wooden flooring. You can create it with wooden panels or use wooden lamination. Also, you can lay down vintage area rugs to create a unique vibe.

The Open Ceiling

If you can revamp the ceiling, use open large wooden beams. The supports can stand vertically in the kitchen. The relaxed wooden beam ceiling will be like a cherry on the top. If you can change the roof, try to blend it with the walls.

Cabinets and Working Space

Cabinets and Working Space

The cabinets and working space are vital for a farmhouse kitchen, as the styles practice everything from scratch. The comfort and luxury must be prominent, so the primary kitchen essentials are:

● Cabinets

The cabinets of the farmhouse kitchen are generally of neutral shades like whites. It looks very classic, and they merge with the wall palette and conceal. Always use vintage handles with carvings to give those custom kitchen cabinets a look, which celebrates the old times.

● Countertops

Add some class with marble and soapstone countertops. These materials’ flawless and neat look is crucial to bringing in the farmhouse style. You can go for white or black color and create a fantastic finish.

● Working table

The working table in the middle of the kitchen looks magnificent. The farmhouse style has all the natural laments, so use reclaimed wooden tables or anything that looks woody. You accessorize it with kitchen essentials. The center table helps you to prepare things from scratch.

● Farmhouse style sink

The farmhouse-style sink is a must for the setup. The farmhouse or apron sink is large and deep. They are very functional and take you back to the retro times. As a vintage golden fitting and decorate it in vintage style for that perfect farmhouse kitchen vibe.

Innovative Storage

The upper cabinets of the farmhouse style can be open shelves. The available wooden racks, shelves, and vintage hooks look very classic. Neatly place all your crockeries with plants and hang pretty aprons and kitchen essentials on the hooks. The open shelving is a striking feature of the farmhouse kitchens; you can display all your cookware on it.

Add Wall Arts

Add Wall Arts

You must layer the kitchen wall to bring in the texture. The vintage wall arts with immense texture and framed look take one to the countryside. Sunflower is an unforgettable part of the farmhouse, so add beautiful sunflower wall prints to layer up the walls in a unique way.

The versatility, durability, premium look, and reasonable prices of wall art make it the best option to decorate the kitchen.

Bring lots of Natural Elements

As already stated, the farmhouse welcomes natural elements, so bring in greenery for a more fresh look. You can place plants on large handmade baskets or ceramic pots. You can also make an herb-hanging garden with jute ropes.

Or a reclaimed wooden door can turn as a backdrop for plants hangers. Make beauty meet functionality with essential herbs and bring in some house plants. They purify the air and shower positivity. Also, place fresh flowers on the center table or near the sink for a lovely feel.

Mind the Lighting

Pay details to light and bring wall sconces or try a hanging ceiling light over the dining area. The material can be wrought iron, brass, and anything vintage. The golden and silverish hues also look good. Go for warm lights which remind you of old times.

Final Words

The farmhouse style celebrates practicality, comfort, and all-natural elements. The kitchens are large and everything is prepared from scratch. The cookware is on open display, the natural elements shower accent colors and makes it look warm. Use wall arts for texture to create a finished look that is lovely. So, change the setup and invest in decor to bring the cozy farmhouse kitchen.

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How to Decorate Kitchen with Farmhouse Style

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