How to Get Freckles

How to Get Freckles

Beauty trends are constantly changing, and at this point, it’s impossible to tell what’s going to be the next big thing.

It seems that in recent years, freckles have managed to earn a spot in the limelight. What used to stay hidden under heavy makeup happens to be all the rage right now.

Now, you’re probably wondering “how to get freckles — either artificially or naturally”.

Learn more about freckles below!

What Are Freckles?

Freckles are dark, tiny spots that appear on an area of skin, especially the face. Other parts of the skin exposed to sunlight, like the neck and arms, can also develop freckles.

On their own, freckles are harmless marks. 

But much like tanning, they signal how much time you spend in the sun, which has its pros and cons.

How to Get Freckles Naturally?

Do you wonder how to get freckles naturally? You need to learn more about the genetics that cause them.

Like many physical traits, genes influence the development of freckles. If you have freckling genes, you’re more likely to have freckled skin. 

This fact also means that natural freckles are hereditary. You’re most likely to develop these spots if someone in your family has them, like your parents, siblings, or cousins.

What’s the Role of Sunlight?

Here’s the thing:

If you’re not naturally predisposed to develop freckles, no amount of sunbathing will help. In fact, exposing your body to too much sunlight can increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

Sure, the freckled spots appear with the stimulation of melanin. But they’re a different type of tanning, fully connected to your genetic makeup.

Yet, the sun also plays a vital role in whether you’ll have freckles or not. While freckles only appear in people with the genetic ability to have them, exposure to the sun still triggers them. This fact alone explains why some people’s freckles become more pronounced in the spring and summer.

What that means is freckles, much like a suntan, experience stimulation in sunlight. When that happens, the spots come to the surface due to the skin’s reaction to inflammation from UV radiation.

According to one dermatology study, volunteers with the genetic predisposition for freckling managed to develop the spots after exposure to UV radiation.

How To Get Freckles

How To Get Freckles artificially

Most people won’t get freckles naturally. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the readily available beauty hacks to win yourself the look you want. So the only other safe option for getting a freckled look is using faux freckle pencils.

Freckle pencils, also known as freckle pens, are special pens designed for applying fake freckles to the skin. They come in several colors that mimic a darker shade of your natural skin tone.

Besides freckle pens, you can add faux freckles using the tools you already have, like an eyeliner brush with a bit of fake tan. You’ll still get a similar look to the one you’d get with a freckle pen. Just make sure to use a really fine eyeliner brush to pull off a more natural look.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps for applying faux freckles:

Apply a Light Foundation

First things first, clean your face and apply foundation if that’s what you usually do. If you don’t use foundation, that’s okay too. 

Go with whatever alternative you prefer.

BB Creams or tinted moisturizers work just as great as foundations. The point of this step is to get your skin ready for the day with minimal to no appearance of dark circles or discoloration.

Apply the Freckles Lightly

Armed with your freckle pen or eyeliner brush, start applying the spots lightly on the area you want them to be. If you’re unsure where to place faux freckles, we suggest the area around the nose bridge, as they tend to cluster there.

The emphasis is on starting lightly with the dots since not all freckles have the same intensity in their appearance. Some stand out, and some look faded. 

So alternate between light circles and bold ones. Try making the clearer spots fewer in comparison to the faded ones.

It may take a while to get your faux freckles in place, but it’ll become easier with practice. 

Avoid the urge to rush the process. The last thing you want is the obvious “fake freckle” look where everyone can tell that you’ve applied them yourself.

Give the Freckles a Few Minutes to Stick

Once you’re satisfied with the number of spots you’ve applied, allow them a few minutes to dry and stick to your skin before you proceed to this next step. 

You don’t want to skip the let‐it‐dry part!

Next, you need a cotton pad. You could also use a clean cloth, preferably one made of cotton. 

Finally, begin dabbing lightly at the freckles. This step pretty much seals the look, making your faux freckles appear indistinguishable from the natural ones.


By now, you would have learned how to get freckles.

Get this right:

We can’t all have everything. 

Some people have ample curves. Or that naturally tanned skin that looks like they spend their days lounging around on a beach in the Bahamas when they’re actually trapped inside an office in Upper Manhattan.

And like you can always get a fake tan, if you usually have a hard time getting it naturally, you can always rock faux freckles as well. The best part is, if you apply them well, it’s tough to tell a natural freckle from an artificial one.

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How to Get Freckles

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