How To Keep Your Tools Working


Acquiring quality tools can be a substantial investment, whether they’re used around the house, in the workshop, in the garden, or professionally. If properly maintained, stored, and cleaned, your tools will provide years of service and cut down the need for tool repairs. Here are a few ways to keep your tools in top working condition.

Buy Quality Tools

Good quality tools might be more expensive, but over the years, they will save you time and money. They will also provide a level of comfort, dependability, and safety that cheap tools lack.

Use Tools for Their Intended Purpose

Though you might find yourself in a position where you need to improvise, you should always use the right tool for the job. Improper use of a tool could damage it and could create a safety hazard. Always read the owner’s manual and keep it handy for reference.

Use Tools in Good Working Order

Always check your tools before using them to ensure they are working properly. Check all moving parts and fasteners. Look for cracks, breaks, and dull blades. When a tool shows signs of damage, repair it if you can or take it to a repair shop.

Properly Store Tools

Tools should be stored properly in a dry area and always put back in their place. There are no hard and fast rules for storing other than working with the space you have and doing what works best for you. Storage boxes, shelves and cabinets, and pegboards are just a few ways tools can be stored. When possible, keep your tools in the cases they came in.

Keep Your Tools Clean

You should clean your tools after every use. Doing this will keep them in top condition and will help you avoid the chore of doing major cleaning later.

Tools are essential in almost all professions and jobs. Having quality tools and using them wisely can make the difference between a so-so job and a masterpiece.

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How To Keep Your Tools Working

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