Types of Products Manufactured With Flexo Printing

Flexo Printing

Flexo printing or flexography is a printing process used for large volume jobs. It’s a method of printing that can be used on nearly every type of substrate. You can use it on plastic, cellophane, label stock, metallic film and more. Here are some products you may not have known were produced by flexo printing.

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Metal Panels

You may be surprised to learn that flexography can be used for metal panels and siding. Flexo printing can design the panels. It can even form the wood grain. Most people want metal panels for siding or roofing but want to be able to keep a unique design too. If you plan to use flexography for metal, your printer must be running at top efficiency. To keep the presses running, you need to have high-quality products, such as blades and end seals.

Paper Towels

Have you ever wondered how the printing of paper towels is done? Most paper towel brands have prints that renowned designers would be envious of. In the past, paper towels didn’t have intricate patterns on them. Now, you can have paper towels that make a statement. You can choose paper towels that match your personality. Flexo printing can print large volumes of paper towels with consistent designs.

Seasonal Bags

During the holiday season, you’ve no doubt seen the Christmas bags in every department store. Usually, stores will use flexo printing to produce large amounts of bags with the holiday print on them. All they have to do is put a new design or alter the color scheme and they can have more seasonal bags.

When it comes to flexo printing, there are a lot of advantages. A lot of products that you see and use every day utilize this type of printing. Unlike other printing methods, this one allows you to print on virtually any material and to do so quickly and in large volumes.

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Types of Products Manufactured With Flexo Printing

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