How to make a ‘homey’ look to rented apartment

How to make a 'homey' look to rented apartment

Renting a flat or an apartment is commonplace nowadays, as it provides us with the freedom of movement without being too attached to the place. Every time you enter a new apartment, it keeps the history of the previous dwellers, which makes you feel like a stranger at home, even if it’s temporary. It is always worth spending the initial few days or weeks to make the whole space more personalized with a more or less homey look.

Everyone knows that the landlords are quite strict about the conditions regarding the changes to the interior and it makes your deposit non-returnable. However hard it may seem, the alterations to the interior are crucial, otherwise, the place will just be a stopover, not your comfort zone after a tiring day.

What are the main changes?

1. Lighting

Life in the darkness and obscurity is definitely far from joyous days. The first thing to do when entering the apartment is to check the lightbulbs and replace them with new ones if necessary. The most common types on the market:

  • Warm and yellow – soft white – such lighting creates a cozy atmosphere, and fits best the living rooms, dens, and bedrooms.
  • Yellowish white – warm white – fits perfectly in the kitchen area and bathrooms.
  • White and blue tones – bright white – give energy to the space, hence, it is a good choice for workspaces and kitchens.
  • Blueish color – perfect to emphasize the contrast of colors. Suitable for nooks, study areas, reading places, etc.

2. Replace the faceplates

Faceplates don’t even seem to be playing an important role in the design. However, the big picture consists of tiny details. The old faceplates look ugly on the wall and make the whole appearance shabby. Their replacement will not take long, however, they will add some style and color, depending on your choice.

3. Take care of the ventilation

Fresh air is vital for our health, that’s why we need to spend a significant amount of time outdoors. However, we often underestimate the system of ventilation indoors, which is a sad fact, due to it being a cornerstone of our health. Check the functionality of the ventilation system in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom and install or replace the door vent in the rooms, which will maintain a constant air flow inside.

4. Paint the walls

It looks like a crazy idea, however, it may be a win-win situation for both – landlord and renter.

First of all, check your agreement and what is mentioned there – if the walls should be of the exact same color, then you will just repaint them right before leaving. If it seems too burdensome, just paint an accent wall with the color you want, and it will make the centerpiece of the interior.

Sometimes, it’s worth negotiating the color with the landlord. If they understand that your choice will improve the overall appearance of the place, they will definitely side with you. It is better to go for neutral colors, as they give you more freedom for decoration.

5. Peel-and-stick wallpapers

If a paint refreshment is a definite ‘no’ then you will just benefit from another brilliant solution – peel-and-stick-wallpaper. They are relatively cheap and help you make an extreme makeover of the place in a day or two. Such wallpaper is typically made of vinyl and offers high durability and ‘immunity’ to humid conditions.

One of the biggest advantages of such wallpapers is the possibility to change them as soon as you want because they can be easily removed in minutes.

Paint the walls

The process of application is easy as well:

  1. Clean the walls of dust and old dirt, as it will take its toll on the adhesive characteristics.
  2. Peel the pattern off the backing paper and stick it to the smooth wall.
  3. In case of bubbles and air pockets, re-apply the piece. With the tiny ones, you can just use a sharp pin.
  4. Be patient, as excessive rush will make the process tiring and longer than expected. Besides, you have freedom for mistakes, as this type of wallpaper can be easily re-applied.

Another way to embellish the room – apply the mural on the wall. The variety is truly impressive and it can set the beginning of all the changes.

6. Modular furniture

The non-permanent residence includes relatively constant movement. Bringing in and out the furniture is probably the most demanding task. Besides, there’s no guarantee that it will fit the space. Therefore, the best option will be multifunctional and modular furniture.

Multifunctional furniture is a great solution for those limited in space, i.e. a dining table can function brilliantly as a desk during working hours; stackable chairs will do fine and take minimum space, etc. Such variations and practicality, however, don’t impact its aesthetic look.

Modular furniture is also of great help due to its adaptability. It offers unlimited variants for the design, as pieces of furniture can be used in many unique ways. For instance, a modular sectional sofa consists of several individual pieces. Each piece typically has arms, backs, and ottomans, thus, they can be easily moved around in a multitude of ways and suit any place.

7. Backsplash

A kitchen is a place of warmth, comfort, and friendly gossiping. However, such a romantic vision will be immediately spoilt by the view of the walls with water, grease, tea, coffee, etc. splashes around the work surface, and “it’s-just-a-rented-piece-not-me” can’t be a reasonable excuse.

Obviously, we aren’t allowed to bring in major changes, however, applying removable wallpaper kitchen for the backsplash will definitely change the ambiance. First of all, there will be no disgusting look, secondly, you will add personal touches to this kitchen, making it look the way you want.

The variety of patterns is tremendous – flowers, subway tile, animal or nature images, etc.

8. Plant space

Plants bring life, color, and freshness to your home. The type of them is minor, just get a few pots and look after them. However, it’s worth considering that plants need proper care. They look beautiful and flourishing in the store and you have an immediate desire to take them. Yet at home, everything looks different. All the plants need systematic care. Otherwise, they will dry out and die, which will not benefit your space.

Don’t buy too many – keep in mind that you will move again sooner or later, and flower transportation definitely won’t help matters.

Plant space

9. A rug

A statement rug sets the tone of the room and helps to hide sore eyes on the floor. A properly chosen pattern may be a quintessential and central piece of your design vision. When choosing the proper size, you need to consider the size of a place and the furniture layout. However, it’s better o avoid the small ones. As they make the space visually smaller.

10. Pieces of Art

The final touches of your personality will be expressed with the help of photos, paintings, and artwork. If there is no permission for the usage of nails, you can make a special standing board, pinning the photos, quotations, notes, memos, etc. Such details will add traces of coziness and life to the overall atmosphere. Yet again, be considerable with the number of photos and pictures, as flooding the walls with them will make all of them invisible and lost.

11. Window clothing

Window clothing can serve as a real game-changer in the overall design or just work as protection:

  1. If the place is too sunlit, add the drapes, or blackout drapes. They will block all the excessive morning light, letting you sleep longer. Besides, they can protect from the cold air currents, because of faulty windows.
  2. If you want some legerity and light, go for sheers, as they typically come in light colors and fabrics.
  3. Need extra privacy  – go for blinds, they block all the in and out the vision, blocking the neighbors from peeping into your apartment or house.

12. Balcony or Lodgie

If you are lucky to have such a piece of a rented apartment, don’t let it be a place of clutter. It’s a perfect solution for those who want to have a separate nook, a place of their own. Just buy a coffee table with a set of chairs and enjoy the sunrises, or sunsets, quietly observing the neighborhood. As it is typically separated from the rooms and kitchen, it creates a special feeling of security, like a tiny island of your own. The decoration can consist of a favorite photo, or flower, or just something that makes you feel comfortable.

Remember, no clutter, boxes, unused clothes, ‘I-will-check-it-later’ stuff, etc, as the atmosphere of solitude will be lost.

13. Bathroom

A bathroom is a place of cleanliness and hygiene. The change of taps and basins is definitely too expensive. Yet there are still some viable options: changing the hooks, paper, and soup holder, towel rails, etc. Besides, the shower head can also be easily replaced improving the appearance of the room and the physical characteristics of the shower.

Every apartment and house is the reflection of its owners. Temporary residence doesn’t mean that you need to feel there as a guest. It’s your home for some time, so do everything to make it feel like your home. It doesn’t take much: peel-and-stick wallpapers for a fresh background, plants for some brightness and liveliness, essential pieces of furniture, and some photos. You don’t need to do everything at once, it’s merely possible. However, step by step, you will make a new place a better place, and such an atmosphere will always call you back home.

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How to make a ‘homey’ look to rented apartment

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