How to Make an Impact With Wallscape Advertising

Wallscape Advertising

As popular tourist destinations, wallscape advertisements with unusually intriguing graphics can catch a modest audience’s attention during any traffic jam.  These urban landmarks are great resources for promoting a service or product.

A What Now?

Wallscape advertising involves the production of a mural on the side of a building that advertises something.  It’s mildly craftier than a billboard, tapping into bigger canvases that already exist.  A wallscape advertisement’s results can be as significant as a billboard’s results.  To invest in one is not to cut corners.  Many wallscapes are near shopping malls among more modest shops to ensure that many eyes can see the advertised product.  One may also see wallscapes upon busy corporate buildings or parking garages up to several stories high.  The impressive size of most wallscapes offers better visibility than regular billboards can.  People can see more from further away.

How Do You Make Something Like That?

You can either plaster a canvas onto the side of a building or paint graphics directly upon a facade.  As uniformly rectangular as buildings tend to be, their limited dimensions may still differ.  Disparate widths and heights will naturally abound, so wallscapes don’t have a typical size.  Buildings in business districts will be most erratic in terms of size and shape, though they may also receive a major dose of valuable traffic.  

The inherent permanence of painting something directly upon a building requires impeccable planning, of course.  The bottom line is that the investment is worth tons.  The very act of painting a wallscape can gain attention from potential consumers who will happily anticipate the completion of the installation.

Will My Wallscape Play Nice With My Budget?

Because canvas sizes are necessarily so inconsistent, pricing can vary significantly.  Generally, all wallscapes are more expensive than billboards.  Due to their non-digital nature, they take more work, and they dominate more surface area.  Similar to billboard prices, wallscape prices depend on location and density.  Visible wallscapes are better.  Better wallscapes cost more.  Even wallscapes in larger cities will be more valuable than wallscapes in smaller cities.  Campaign length might hike the price up a bit more, as well.  Campaigns upon buildings’ facades tend to last longer because they’re harder to set up and take down, so your decision’s critical.

Greater Design Capabilities

The mere size of a wallscape’s canvas allows for uniqueness: There’s so much space to work with.  Wallscape advertisements ought to be as silly and entertaining as Superbowl commercials.  At least, if making your client base laugh is too difficult, you might still try to capture clients’ attention.  If you’re going to invest in a wallscape, either aim for complexity or be willing to work with complexity.

If you want to offer intrinsically greater visibility, then a crazy color palette with neon hues may be in order.  Mind-bending effects like optical illusions and perspective-based gags may also enhance visibility, as well.  Maybe the building has a unique shape that can inform the very graphics you’re hoping to use.  Improve the local skyline and your business at the same time.

If your wallscape’s design is good enough, the odd social media post can act as free advertising because bored teenagers may take a lot of pictures in front of the wallscape.  Billboards come and go fairly quickly, but wallscapes have enough time to become major fixtures in sprawling cities for many months.

What You’re Paying For

Is a wallscape really so different from a billboard? The benefits of location are more consistent, as all wallscapes are in urban areas.  Location’s important, but picking a bad location for a wallscape is unlikely.  All urban areas are good.  There’s also lower competition among wallscapes because they’re more unique, there are fewer places to erect them, and their massive size allows for more people to see them.  Billboards come and go so often that the billboard landscape is a lot more brutally competitive, while passersby might go out of their way to take pictures of wallscapes and post those pictures online.  In any case, potential consumers are more likely to miss a billboard entirely.  A wallscape may be expensive, but research isn’t necessary to discern a wallscape’s potency.

Consider The Product!

Beverages, alcoholic or otherwise, can be in-style for a long time.  Movies and shows can’t.  By the time a wallscape for a movie is erected, that movie will be out of theaters.  That’s no good.  Ultimately, your business should be stable enough for your wallscape to make a difference.  Wallscapes are probably best for companies that already have an impressive and citywide presence.  A state’s new sports team would be a particularly good candidate for a wallscape.  Wallscapes propagate explosive popularity among local viewers or possible patrons who may see the wallscape during daily commutes.

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How to Make an Impact With Wallscape Advertising

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