Coolest Eyelash Extension Techniques Used In Melbourne

Eyelash Extension

Lashes have a special place in the Makeup Queendom. Its absence is always noticeable, and when used, can transform the simplest makeup into a fabulous look. Whether simple or Conspicuous, lashes give a unique and beautiful touch to makeup.

They come in different types, lengths, and styles, and while most ladies prefer to get the long, thick, perfectly curled lashes, others would rather have it simple and natural. Whichever it may be, every lady can sure testify to the wonders of lashes in achieving a sleek, beautiful, and elegant look. It does not go without saying that even though most women fancy lashes, some do not consider lashes as part of their makeup routine, and that is perfectly fine.

Why eyelash extensions are important

Eyelash extensions have become an essential part of makeup routine in Melbourne. Although mascara and eyelash curlers do their part, there are not always enough, hence the need for something better; this is where the eyelash extensions come in handy.

These extensions are gently applied to each natural lash using an adhesive. They are applied individually to the lashes to give a defined, longer, and accentuated lash profile. Lash extensions add more length, volume, and fullness to natural eyelashes. With regular maintenance, it can last for several weeks, each day saving you the time of curling out your lashes in a bid to make them more defined. You will be amazed at how faster makeup routines become with pre-installed eyelash extensions.

How to get your eyelash extension done

There are a few steps to doing this. To get eyelash extensions done in Melbourne it is advised that you first consult with a lash expert. They can help you make better choices as regards the technique to use to achieve the desired look and lash style that you want. They can also make suggestions where necessary, considering factors such as the shape of the eyes as well as the kind of weight, length, and style that will suit your natural lashes.

After a consultation, you have a clear map of where you are headed. Next thing is to find a Lash extension professional in Melbourne, book a session then relax and wait for the magic to happen.

Eyelash extensions come with a plethora of benefits; they make the eyes look more defined, and less time is spent applying makeup since there is no need to use mascara- except you don’t mind putting a little effort extra, or apply fake lashes, a procedure that takes a lot of time, especially for learners. It doesn’t interfere with activities like swimming or exercise, or daily routines like sleeping and taking a shower. Little wonder it has become a famous beauty regimen among Melbourne women.

Types of eyelash extensions

In this article, we will be looking at the various eyelash extensions available in Melbourne. So girl, sit back and enjoy the ride!!

Classic lash extension

This is for the first-timers, ladies who are not used to eyelash extensions, or people who love it the natural way. It is the cheapest of all eyelash extension techniques, and it is quite popular in Melbourne. In this procedure, the eyelash is doubled and made fuller by applying the new lash to the natural lash in a one-to-one ratio.The size and weight of each false lash is adjusted so it can look more natural. Although simple, it is perfect for special occasions, holidays, or a get-together with friends. It gives you that little accentuation and glam that takes your makeup a step higher. However, if you do not want it simple, you might want to check out the next type of eyelash extension.

Hybrid lash extension

This eyelash technique is used to achieve. more fullness than the first technique, especially when a client has naturally fine lashes. As the name suggests, It combines both the classic lashes technique and volume lash technique. The hybrid lash extension is suitable for all clients, and when properly done it suits the client’s natural lash.

Volume lash extension

Here is to the lovers of thick, full lash extension. Since this type of eyelash extension is heavier and fuller than the others, it is important to ensure that it does not affect the strength of the client’s natural lashes. You may want to visit a lash extension specialist to know whether this technique is suitable for you.

Russian Volume Lash Extension

This is a new technique that is gradually gaining popularity in Melbourne. It is used to achieve more thickness and fullness. Practically, there are eight ultra-fine lashes glued onto one natural lash. The lashes are soft and fluffy and so it is not likely that it affects the natural lashes. And guess what? It is customizable.

Final thoughts

Eyelash extensions in Melbourne vary according to length, fullness, and curls, and this depends on the natural lashes of the client. The two most popular types of curls are the

B and C curls; there are also the J curls and the D curls. Just a little tip here, the same length, thickness, and curl does not appear the same on different pairs of eyes; you might want to keep that in mind.

It is important to note that while a properly fixed eyelash extension is a lovely sight to behold, poor application of eyelash extensions can cause as much damage, if not more. Although eyelash extensions are taking the lead in the latest beauty trend in Melbourne, it is crucial to take precautions and avoid certain mistakes. To do this, make your lashes is done by a qualified and experienced eyelash technician.

The consequences of poorly done eyelash extensions are numerous, they include; severe eye irritation and discomfort, loss of natural lashes alongside the extensions, swelling, and infection, to mention a few. These can be caused by excessive or incorrect application of adhesive onto the eyelids, or individual extensions being applied to more natural lash strands. In the case of irritation, it is advised to immediately remove the extensions and seek proper care to avoid further damage.

Eyelash extensions are beautiful especially when they are done properly. They are pain-free, and lightweight so you won’t even feel them on at all. As a plus, they make for a gorgeous makeup glam. So book a session with a professional eyelash technician in Melbourne and rock your super cool eyelash extension.

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Coolest Eyelash Extension Techniques Used In Melbourne

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