What is Self Serve Advertising Platform?

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When it comes to acquiring traffic from a variety of sources, the question of what is a self serve advertising platform is inevitable. No self serve advertising platform will partner with a 100% unique set of SSPs, so bidding on the same impression through multiple platforms can result in competing bids. This can be problematic for advertisers because there are so many different ways to access traffic. This article will outline the most common types of ad networks, including White-label DSPs, Pay-per-Click advertising, and Amazon display advertising.

Pay-per-Click advertising

Using a self-serve advertising platform offers many benefits, including cost savings and increased speed. It lets you buy ads, create campaigns, and track performance with ease. The self-serve model is also very convenient because it eliminates the need for a sales person. While it’s still recommended that you have a salesperson on staff, the self-serve platform eliminates that need


Unlike traditional advertising where a salesperson negotiates ad placement before the campaign begins, a self-serve advertising platform puts the power of advertising in the hands of the advertiser. This flexibility gives the advertiser the ability to change their ad creative and targeting parameters to achieve the desired results. You also have the option to stop, edit, and pause your campaign whenever necessary, all with a simple click. There are no minimum advertising spends either, which can be important for large advertisers.

Most self-serve advertising platforms run on a performance-based model, meaning they’re only interested in making money if your ad is clicked by a user. This model encourages publishers to display ads to those likely to click on them, which ensures that the advertisers don’t waste money on unproductive ads. Incentives also encourage the platforms to deliver ads to potential clickers.

Programmatic media buying

Using a self serve advertising platform is a convenient way to purchase programmatic media, as it provides better control over your ad campaigns and enables you to monitor campaign performance and make adjustments accordingly. While direct media buying requires some research and effort, it’s a less complicated way to increase ROI. Using this platform offers you a plethora of advertising options and the ability to target different demographics and interests.

By logging into a self serve advertising platform, you can manage all aspects of your campaign and monitor the results in real time. Self serve advertising platforms have many features that make them a good choice for those who don’t have in-house teams or are just starting out. The platform lets you launch as many campaigns as you like and change the settings to achieve desired objectives. Besides, this self-serve platform is ideal for small businesses.

White-label DSPs

If you’re looking to create a branded environment for your clients, consider a white-label self serve advertising platform. DSPs have an ecosystem that allows advertisers to buy and sell ad inventories in real-time. They also have the technology to manage both direct buying and programmatic buying. This means that you can manage all aspects of your trading from a single interface. In addition to being a white-label solution, a DSP can also be customized according to your preferences.

Many DSPs and SSPs are built to handle millions of transitions, making them incredibly efficient. They’re able to identify macro trends in the ad markets because they aggregate a variety of advertising inventory sources into a single platform. Some even analyze the data and build products based on it. Bidstream data is what gets passed in a bid request, and a DSP can combine this information to create a complete package for advertisers.

Amazon display advertising

There are several ways to advertise on Amazon. Self-service ads act like Google search ads, while premium ads work more like display ads. While you can still see these ads on Amazon, they will appear as more visually-driven banner ads that can also appear on other sites. This makes them similar to the ads you see on Google’s Display Network. This is a great option if you are looking to increase sales or brand awareness.

Sponsored Brand Ads (formerly known as Headline Search Ads) are a great way for you to increase your brand’s visibility. These ads appear prominently at the top and side of related search results. Sponsored brand ads feature a brand’s logo and selected product portfolio. You can create and track these ads, too. They are available to all sellers, so you can easily test your ad campaign to see which ones perform best.

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What is Self Serve Advertising Platform?

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