How To Make Your Coffee Taste Better

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Did you excitedly brew a warm cup of coffee at home, but it turned out to be bitter? Yes? Do not be sad! Just because today your coffee was disappointing, it does not mean that tomorrow, your coffee will not be perfect. You can undoubtedly use coffee capsules to brew a delicious cup of espresso or latte. But for that, you have to be consistent!

Yes, you do not need a barista training or expensive piece of equipment to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Nor do you need fancy or super-expensive beans. Consistency, using the correct method, using premium quality beans, and a few other tips are more than enough for a good cup of joe.

Consistency in coffee brewing? Sounds weird, but it is not! If you are using different water or measures of coffee every day, how will the coffee taste good? So, be consistent and also try these few tips to make your coffee taste better.

We talked about being consistent when brewing your coffee. Now let us look at other tips for a better cup of joe.

Tip 1: Clean your machine frequently

If you are anything like us, you use your coffee machine to brew up more than two cups a day. That can leave a lot of coffee residue, which you should clean up fast. If you let the coffee residue sit, it can make the taste of your coffee weird. After every cup or at the end of the day, clean up your coffee machine.

Also, it is a splendid idea to descale your coffee machine once a month. It will provide a deep cleaning, making the taste better.

Tip 2: Always prime your machine and mug

Before making your first cup of coffee, prime your machine. It makes a massive difference as it can clean out any residue and help the machine wake up. All you have to do is run water through your coffee machine without adding coffee. Also, put a cup where you put it when coffee is ready. The hot water will prime your cup, keeping the coffee warmer for a long time.

Tip 3: Take time to perfect your grind

When you buy whole beans to grind at home, it is the correct decision. Now, you also have to perfect it for a better cup of coffee. Now, depending on your machine, the grind size varies, and your machine manual will let you know about this better.

To perfect your grind, follow these tips:

  • Use enough coffee for one cup to know where you are making a mistake.
  • Do not make it extremely fine, it will make coffee bitter. Too coarse will make the coffee sour.
  • Just grind enough that it tastes smooth while drinking, keeping in mind the machine you are using for brewing.

Tip 4: Determine the perfect brew time

Every coffee machine has a different brew time. However, if you let it run 10 seconds more or stop 10 seconds earlier, it can change the entire test of the coffee. And sometimes for the good! So, if the brewing time your machine says is not giving you a better cup of coffee, try adding or deducting 10 seconds and go from there. Record it, and you will find a brewing time that suits your taste.

Tip 5: Stop using tap water

We have seen people using tap water and then complaining that their coffee tastes like mud. Well, tap water has too many minerals. These do not extract well with your coffee beans. Also, it may be unclean, making your coffee mud-like. Thus, it is best to use filtered or bottled water for a perfect cup of joe.

Tip 6: Using cold water is the key

Unless you are using coffee bags or instant coffee, hot water is not a prerequisite. Coldwater will extract coffee better, and the machine will heat it as per its requirement.

If you love coffee and want to start brewing a decent cup at home, try these tips. It is better than going out for a decent cup every time. Sure, you may not brew a cup that is equal to the one your barista makes immediately, but you can reach there.

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How To Make Your Coffee Taste Better

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