How To Properly Pack Fragile Items for a Move

How To Properly Pack Fragile Items for a Move

Packing for a move is already daunting enough, but it is even more stressful when you add a lot of fragile items such as glasses, plates, cups, picture frames, and other delicate items.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to appropriately pack your fragile belongings so that nothing gets damaged during a move. It doesn’t even have to involve any additional costs.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to keep everything safe.

Get the Appropriate Supplies

Packing supplies for fragile items aren’t the same as the ones you’re going to pack your other stuff in. They must offer cushioning and cover regions that are particularly vulnerable to breaking or cracking.

Get your hands on all the bubble wrap and packing peanuts you can. Try to stay away from buying it, and instead ask for it in your closest Target, or The Home Depot. They will be glad to get rid of any spare packaging they have.

Other than bubble wrap, the best and most practical way to keep your belongings safe is using stuff you already have at home, such as towels, sheets, clothes, and extra paper. That way, you will also save plenty of space.

Small and sturdy boxes or boxes that are pre-divided for certain items (such as wine-glasses) are great; they separate every item and offer protection for each of them. Fragile items are less likely to be moved around in these smaller compartments, therefore lowering the risk of damage.

If you have any original packaging for your electronics, such as styrofoam sleeves or boxes, use them. Those protective materials are specifically designed for keeping your electronics safe during transport.

Pack Strategically

With fragile items, you also have to be careful and think through how you will stack each of the boxes together and keep them stable in one spot.

According to this Plano moving company, the most important rule for packing is this: heavy items on the bottom, lighter items on top. Putting your books on top of your grandma’s fine china isn’t really the safest idea.

Once you start packing, fill in all the gaps between your belongings in the boxes with towels or packing peanuts so there is no room for them to clink around in transit.

Don’t pack fragile boxes high in your moving truck. Spread them out horizontally instead of vertically, and make sure not to put anything heavy on top of them.

Wrap Items Individually

Every fragile item should be wrapped individually. While this sounds tedious, it is the only way to be sure your items won’t break during the move. When you put them in the box, make sure that no fragile item touches another one.

You can put styrofoam plates between dishware for protection, but you can also use sheets or towels.

Hire Help

One of the best ways to ensure your fragile items make it safely to your new home is by hiring a commercial moving company.

Most of them offer full service packages. It means that they can help you pack properly, organize and label everything, then transport them and unload at your new home.

It certainly is a pricier option, but it will ensure that everything is kept completely safe and done by professionals with a lot of experience.

Pack Fragile Items Like a Pro

The last thing you need in the moving process — which is already stressful — is to start opening boxes at your new home just to find out that your favorite items are broken.

Before you start packing, make sure to get proper supplies for your fragile belongings. Hunt for small and sturdy boxes that will keep delicate items in place and protected from moving around. Be careful not to put anything heavy on those boxes, and try to stabilize them once they’re in the moving truck.

Follow these steps to seamlessly move all of your fragile belongings.

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How To Properly Pack Fragile Items for a Move

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