How to Remodel your Bathroom with Tubs


Bathrooms perform a critical role in our homes when it comes to hygiene and also for relaxation purposes. A makeover of the bathroom space is something that a homeowner has to consider every couple of years.

Sprucing up a bathroom can be a costly affair. This, therefore, means that one needs to plan diligently before undertaking. A step-by-step approach is a good way to undertake a bathroom makeover that entails installing clawfoot tubs.

A common question that might be troubling many people is, what are clawfoot tubs? A clawfoot tub represents a bathtub that rests on four legs for support. Based on the design, the legs can feature a vintage look or have a classic modern design

A visit to a renowned bathtub specialist can be an informative venture. These specialists are the go-to persons when one needs details of various modern clawfoot tubs designs. You can also check out similar websites that can connect you with people who are knowledgeable on the different kinds of tubs.

In this article, we shall discuss how to renovate your clawfoot bath utilizing a method that focuses on:

  1. Client satisfaction
  2. Cost-effectiveness
  3. Design
  4. Safety

1.  Analysis of the Existing Bathroom Space

Before beginning any renovations, it is critical to determine the amenities and space available in the existing bathroom. Important details to cross-check are the size of the floor space, storage spaces, such as cabinets, plumbing, and other installations. The installations can be such as switches, water pipes, and drains.

In case there is an existing bathtub in place, it is vital to note down the installation design. This may provide insight into the optimum method for removing the old bathtub and installing the new bathtub.

2.  Get a Design

Bathtubs are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. When selecting the ideal bathtub design, always go for one that suits your sense of style. Such designs include:

  1. Augusta acrylic
  2. Etna acrylic
  3. Clawfoot tubs
  4. Shower enclosures
  5. Vintage clawfoot bathtub

The color of your preferred tub should always blend in with the existing color scheme of the bathroom. This will eliminate the need to carry out repainting as it would come at an extra cost. Bathtubs are available in a wide range of designs and sizes.

The best choice would be one that fits into your existing bathroom space without the need for many demolitions being carried out. If you have children, a modern bathtub with a height and dimension that is suitable for them should be considered.

To save on storage space and cost, you should use the existing handrails, cabinets, and shelves to fit your new design. This will reduce the number of new fittings to be bought.

3.  Do Some Research

Based on the preferred choice of design, there will be a variety of options available. One of the decisions to make is where to buy the tub’s clawfoot. In terms of choice of material, one has to choose between fiberglass clawfoot tubs and acrylic clawfoot tubs.

Fiberglass clawfoot slipper tabs have the following advantages:

  1. Relatively light when compared to other materials
  2. Great strength properties that are comparable to steel
  3. Corrosion and chemical resistant
  4. Strong electrical and thermal insulation properties

An important thing to note is a modern bathtub made of fiberglass is supposed to be re-gel coated. The recoating should be done based on the manufacturer’s recommendation after some years. This is to minimize the risk of fiberglass fibers detaching and being airborne.

An acrylic bathtub in the bathroom will have advantages such as:

  1. They are aesthetically appealing
  2. Durability
  3. Comfort to the users
  4. Easy to repair

Possible drawbacks of new acrylic drawback tubs are:

  1. In terms of fragility, acrylic as a material is fragile and can easily break. Extra care should be taken when moving and installing such tubs clawfoot.
  2. Such tubs are sensitive to abrasion and can easily get scratches if the wrong material is used in cleaning.
  3. Without proper cleaning, they are prone to staining.

4.  Bathtub Installation


It is crucial to consider the installation process. To cut down on cost, a do it yourself-renovation approach can be a solution. One has to, however, ensure they have the right tools and expertise for the job. It may also be time-consuming, a factor that should also be taken into account.

The steps to follow in a do it yourself approach when remodeling a bathroom with a shower are:

  1. Shut down the flow of water and drain from the toilet in the workspace. This will stop spills and odors coming from drains.
  2. Carefully remove the existing installations and bathtub.
  3. After clearly removing any unnecessary debris, prepare the bathroom space for the installation.
  4. Install the new bathtub and redo the electric and water installations to the bathroom.

It is paramount that the steps are strictly followed to ensure that the new installation is done properly.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

Getting a specialist to do the demolitions and installation for you is also an option for new clawfoot tubs installation. It is crucial to get the right kind of technical help for the job.

Most specialists and companies advertise their works through company websites and social media pages. Such sites provide a good platform on their scope of work and contact details in case you need to reach out.

When renovating, you should work within your budget. This can be achieved by working hand in hand with your specialist. Working hand in hand with the specialist entails making decisions on the bathroom design and also the choice of materials.

You should always go for trusted and reputable dealers of the clawfoot tubs with showers. A technician with recommendations from various technical boards would be a good choice. They should also possess the right tools for the job.

To safeguard your interests as a client, consider coming up with a contractual, legally binding agreement with your suppliers. The contract can also extend to the technicians. The contract will help to ensure that they will get the jobs.


Remodeling a bathroom with tubs is a brilliant idea, but should be approached cautiously. Such installations are capital intensive, and one needs to avoid mistakes. This is because the mistakes can end up being very costly.

If done correctly, a bathroom make-over will breathe fresh air into your bathroom giving it a new revamped look.

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How to Remodel your Bathroom with Tubs

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