How to Set Up Anonymous Server

How to Set Up Anonymous Server

A decision to set up an anonymous server could be motivated by various factors, and the need to conceal your identity often has nothing to do with illegal activity. Anonymous servers have become popular thanks to powerful privacy-protecting features like anonymous sign-up and pseudonymous crypto payments.

Anonymous server set-up is a straightforward process, and all you’ll need is a valid email address. Your true identity won’t get compromised thanks to an anonymous sign-up that doesn’t require any personally identifiable information. Various crypto payment methods will guarantee that tracing hosted content back to its owner will be extremely hard or rather impossible.

How to safely Set Up Anonymous Server

If you want your anonymous server to be truly anonymous, you must follow some specific guidelines. This article will walk you through all the required steps to follow when setting up an anonymous server, ensuring that your true identity remains hidden.

Anonymous Internet Access

Let’s start with the way you connect to the internet. Do you believe that you access the internet safely? Conventional operating systems can’t guarantee the absolute security of the data you access or provide.

If you’re going to set up an anonymous server, you should use a more secure operating system like Tails or Whonix. Tails represents the most secure and anonymous OS option out there. It simply protects your online activities by encrypting and rerouting all traffic through the Tor network. Thanks to many volunteer-run Tor relays (computers), Tails can completely anonymize all of your online activity. Tails is a portable OS, and it can be run from a memory stick.

Another option is to install an anonymous browser Tor or Brave, that will allow you to visit any internet address without being monitored. Working on the same principle as Tails, Tor provides nearly the same anonymity level without installing a whole OS. Thanks to the onion URL, some anonymous hosting providers will already let you access their control panel undetected.

Anonymous Email Account

As we already said, you can set up an anonymous server only by your email address. The risk of your identity being exposed is reduced because no personally identifiable information is required. As a result, there is no need to verify your identity while setting up an anonymous server; all you need is an email address. However, don’t sign up with your real email address if you want to remain anonymous. The best option is to create a new email address unrelated to your real identity.

Since most email services require confirmation via SMS or email, you need to find the one that doesn’t. You might want to sign up with an encrypted email service or simply choose a disposable or temporary email provider.

Anonymous Crypto Payment Gateway

Payments done with traditional methods, such as credit card or bank transfer, may easily expose your true identity. Only the crypto payment gateway allows some level of privacy and anonymity.

It’s strong to say that bitcoin transactions are entirely anonymous since each bitcoin transaction is recorded in a publicly available blockchain. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), often referred to as the blockchain, keeps a secure and transparent record of all cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain enables people who don’t know each other to fully engage in trusted transactions. To engage in crypto transactions, all you need is to create your crypto wallet. This process again won’t require any personal information. However, to secure your identity, it would be best if you never link your crypto wallet to a credit card or bank account. Also, stay away from bitcoin ATMs for cash withdrawals. Only this way, nobody will identify a real wallet holder.

Improve security by SSH key

After you log in to your Control Panel, your next step should be to set your SSH key before anonymous server deployment. Secure Socket Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol using strong authentication by one public and one private key, allowing encrypted connection of two network endpoints. SSH presents the most secure form of online communication, protecting communications security and integrity with a robust encryption algorithm. You can easily generate SSH keys using the Windows command line or terminal on Mac or Tails. Once you set your keys, you can transfer any data securely by SFTP, also known as Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Get the Most Suitable Anonymous Hosting Plan

Now is the moment to choose the most suitable hosting plan from various options, varying in cost, configuration, and features they offer. Selecting the best anonymous hosting plan heavily depends on the character of your project. The popular choice is the General-purpose hosting plan, ideal for anonymous website hosting, anonymous image hosting, or anonymous video hosting. This plan is also well-tuned to host various applications and mid-size databases. A general-purpose hosting plan is available in different CPU, Memory, and SSD configurations. However, if your project requires more resources, look for Memory-orientated or CPU-orientated hosting plans. Memory-orientated plans are better if your project needs to process large data relying more on Memory than CPU. And CPU-orientated plan is better for projects that require quick and stable performance like video processing or extensive data analyses.

Once you choose your hosting plan, remember to set Backups and Snapshots for easy data recovery. A server backup is a simple copy of all server files saved in a different location than the original files. A snapshot is a “photo” of your server’s file system used to restore the entire server’s integrity in the case of data loss or corruption. Snapshots and Backups come at a fraction of a servers’ price.

An anonymous server is the best hosting option for users who appreciate their privacy and anonymity. Anonymous hosting services will not reveal any of your personal information, leading to your true identity, thanks to simple sign-up processes that allow you to rent a server under a pseudonym and untraceable bitcoin payments. Above mentioned steps should help you set up your anonymous server without compromising your real identity. So good luck with your anonymous server deployment, and remember that a good and reliable hosting provider like makes all the process easier.

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How to Set Up Anonymous Server

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