How To Verify Account On Any Online Service Without Phone Number

How To Verify Account On Any Online Service Without Phone Number

These days a lot of online services force users to verify their accounts in one or another way. Most often it is all about providing and confirming an active mobile phone number. Confirmation is done with a verification code received by text message or call. There is nothing difficult about it. But sometimes it appears to be impossible to use a mobile number. On top of that, some people just prefer to not disclose their personal data on the internet. Both of these cases can be solved by using a temporary phone number for verification.

Who can use this feature?

There are often those wondering if they can use temporary numbers. Some people think that this opportunity can be taken only by some special users with permission or something like that. However, this tool is available to everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits it brings to the table. Moreover, using it is possible in any country in the world.

You just need to open a relevant website or mobile app. Temporary phone numbers are provided by appropriate online services. They all are available on the internet and take having literally internet connection only in order to operate their solutions.

There is also no need to go through complicated identity verification processes. Most of those platforms ask users to do nothing except for completing simple registration that includes providing an email address and setting up a password when it comes to accessing all their available tools. So it is really available for all people wherever they are.

Where to get a temporary number?

These days it is really easy to take advantage of temporary phone numbers. As was stated above, they are available on relevant online services. It makes not much difference if it is a website, mobile app, or even software for PC. They all are available on the internet and require having literally any modern device with an internet connection only in order to use their solutions.

You can find many platforms offering temporary numbers just by searching for them on Google. They are not prohibited and are free to search for. But some users get lost among them due to wide choice. In addition, there are also many fraudulent platforms. It is better to start working with an already popular service that has earned the trust of thousands of people. Below we will talk about one.

Obtaining a temporary phone number

SMS-Man provides an opportunity to get a temporary number in minutes and at some of the lowest prices on the market. You can choose between more than 100 countries when selecting a cellular carrier and over 1000 supported websites and apps. If there is no required online service, you can also get a universal temporary phone number from the rental tab which will work for verification purposes on any platform.

Here is how to use the first option as it is way more popular and cheaper:

  1. Register a new account on
  2. Use the convenient recharge method from the appropriate page to add funds to your balance.
  3. Select the country for the cellular carrier of a temporary number on the main page.
  4. Search for a website or app for verification among other available platforms. You can use the search feature to make the process easier and quicker.
  5. Get a temporary phone number by making tap on the purchase button.

You will get a temporary number that has the relevant configuration right after performing the last step. Now it is only about using it for the intended purpose. For this, copy the received phone number and put it on either registration or verification form of the online service it belongs to. Service will send a one-time password to this number. Get the code and close the process of confirming the temporary phone number with it thereby creating or verifying an already registered account.

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How To Verify Account On Any Online Service Without Phone Number

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