Impacting the World Through Kindness


It can often appear as though the world is becoming a more selfish and cruel place. However, there are always acts of kindness swirling around you that you might not notice. You can easily join others in affecting positive change. If you work towards the goal of spreading kindness, you can alter the world one deed at a time.

Health Benefits

Engaging in a single act of kindness daily will likely have a noticeable impact on your nervous system. Kindness has been proven to reduce depression, stress and anxiety to the recipient as well as to the giver. Seratonin, endorphins and oxytocin are increased, which boosts happiness, calm and energy. The more benevolence you give, the more you’ll want to give, and the more people you’ll want to help moving forward.

Ripple Effect

Your kindness also impacts distant observers you probably don’t know are watching. When people witness your efforts to help someone, they may also experience a boost in happiness-inducing hormones and chemicals. This will inspire them to make their own contributions to a kinder society. Just by lending a hand to one person, a chain reaction can erupt, causing a happier and healthier community.

Small Beginnings

There are simple opportunities to pay it forward in your everyday life. You can certainly champion a great cause, but you can also start smaller. If the person in front of you at the cash register is a few cents short, you can make their day by chipping in. Even just holding the door open or greeting a stranger is an act of kindness. The important thing is that you start spreading the joy in any way you can.

One person can make a big difference, and it can all start with you. When you help someone, that person may help another, and so on.

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Impacting the World Through Kindness

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