Indira David

Indira David

Indira Gandhi was an internationally-recognized social leader and activist. She became the first Indian woman ever elected as President of the United Nations and won both this accolade as well as the Nobel Peace Prize.

Born December 29th 1873 in Bijapur India to Satyendranath Tagore and Jnanadanandini Devi. An early student of Rabindranath Tagore.

Early Life and Education

Indira Nehru was one of Jawaharlal Nehru’s only children and one of India’s foremost figures in its fight for independence from Britain. She made significant strides within both Indian National Congress (Congress Party) and one of its predecessors; becoming one of only several women ever elected prime minister even within a male-dominated environment.

Her education included dropping out of high school before touring Oxford and Harvard as a private university student. While she wrote several books, one of her greatest contributions to India was founding the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay – marking colonial rule’s transition into modern Indian society and helping spur development of India’s first cosmopolitan city, New Delhi. Additionally, she advocated for creating its first public university: Allahabad University.

Professional Career

Indira David is an accomplished professional in international development and trade. With experience in global strategy development and business expansion, Indira currently acts as an advisor for various organizations working within these fields.

Development & Training Services Inc was established by Karen in 2002, providing expertise on gender and social inclusion issues, program monitoring & evaluation, training & capacity building across multiple sectors in over 90 countries worldwide. She later assisted Palladium Global Strategy & Development Company in their acquisition of DTS as an acquisition target.

Indira currently oversees an array of projects for Foundry in Miami and Orlando as a Project Manager, making her one of our most acclaimed project managers and making herself known among her colleagues as an exceptional member of our team. She prides herself on being hard-working professional willing to go the extra mile for clients. Indira quickly established herself as one of our go-to project managers within our platform – quickly becoming one of our most acclaimed project managers with our platform!

Achievement and Honors

Indira Gandhi was one of the leading figures of India’s independence movement and an accomplished author and translator of several works. She became Prime Minister after Jawaharlal Nehru stepped down.

In 1986, in her honor and with a trust named in her honor, an award was created in her name to recognize organizations and individuals working toward international peace and development. It carries with it a monetary award of Rs 25 lakhs.

She was also renowned for her musical contributions, providing scores to many of Rabindranath Tagore’s songs as well as publishing essays about Indian classical music, Western classical music and women’s issues. Additionally, she played an instrumental role in the establishment of Sangit Bhavana at Visva-Bharati University where she served briefly as its chancellor.

Personal Life

Indira Gandhi was an indefatigable woman and an outstanding leader, dominating Indian politics for nearly 20 years while accomplishing many achievements during her long and distinguished career.

She was also a loving and nurturing mother to her three daughters, fostering their development through various means.

As part of a Christian Catholic family, she initially gravitated to church. Over time however, as she read more from God’s Word she began questioning its presentation.

She decided to look for another gospel that could better meet her spiritual needs, reading the Bible and praying for God’s guidance in her search.

Net Worth

Indira Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister, accumulated her estimated net worth estimated to be $4 Million through various means such as her government career and personal investments.

She adheres to Hinduism, having been born in Allahabad in British India’s United Provinces region. She has an estimated age of 69 years.

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Indira David

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