5 Reasons to Invest in a VDI Desktop Solution

VDI Desktop Solution

The global information technology industry is expected to reach $5 trillion in 2021 with 5% compound annual growth through 2024. The technology sector is plunging ahead with innovation a major driving factor.

One megatrend, VDI desktop integration, is changing how company’s view databased IT infrastructure. There are many benefits of VDI for businesses of all sizes. Keep reading for the top 5 reasons your company should consider taking your desktops virtual.

1. Work Remotely

With a fully implemented on-premise data center, employees can access their VDI desktop from any internet-connected device. These include smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This is a powerful solution to the data and business application needs of those away from the office.

2. Lower Operation Cost

Setting up a data center server is not without its startup costs which can be significant. However, operating costs associated with running your network will be greatly reduced. The maintenance of individual devices for all your workstations costs much more than a centralized server setup.

3. Simplified Network Management

Every user of a VDI connects centrally to one system. This makes it much easier for network administrators to make company-wide changes to data access permissions and software updates. VDI keeps everything running smoothly without the need to update individual devices separately.

4. Automatic Instant Backups

With VDI, all your data is stored in one place on the server. Each user of the VDI has their own storage which is easily limited by setting the size of the virtual hard drive.

What’s more all digital storage needs from all users of the VDI are normally set to store data in the cloud – instantly backed up automatically. No more losing important business data to corrupt hard drives on separate aging machines.

5. Better Data Security

With centralized data and VDI, enhanced security options are made possible. Network security protocols, including intrusion detection, malware and ransomware screening, and data encryption is set up and monitored from the server itself. One of the greatest weaknesses of a network is that the more devices with separate access the more potential areas to breach hackers have.

With VDI data protection is stronger. Having access to one device on the network doesn’t give you access to the server itself which behind a separate firewall with separate security protocols.

These are only a few of the advantages of implementing desktop virtualization in your company’s network. For more details, check out this guide to VDI.

VDI desktop: a Smart IT Solution

When it comes to technology, change is the only constant and change is happening so fast that your network is likely to need constant upgrades. VDI desktop solutions make easy work of network management, upgrading workstations, and helps keep your network safe from evolving cybersecurity threats.

Implementing VDI desktop solutions gives your network a smart centralized solution to the computing needs of your enterprise making it an important consideration for today’s modern company. For more articles on the evolution of ideas, keep reading our blog.

5 Reasons to Invest in a VDI Desktop Solution

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