IPTV Services: Why Personalization Matters?

IPTV Services

When choosing a service or a platform to view videos on, users take into consideration many factors: from content to subscription opportunities, from availability on many devices to brand values. These factors are essential, but in this article, we would like to focus on personalization features. We are going to talk about personalization and why it matters for IPTV services.

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What is Personalization?

Personalization helps any company to provide customers with a tailored experience. As a result, a consumer experiences an individual approach to his or her needs and feels satisfied with the service. And you have a satisfied customer that can potentially turn into a regular one.

Companies usually use the information they learn about customers the same way a person chooses a gift for another person. They use this information to understand what a particular person might appreciate.

IPTV software has a functionality that can help you individualize people’s experiences. There is strong analytical functionality that tracks user data and their interactions with a service.

For example, even allowing several purchase models can help increase customer experience. Someone will find it convenient to purchase a single video or a season. The other one will prefer to pay for a monthly or even yearly subscription.

A business receives many benefits from a personalized user experience. For instance, people feel more engaged. Some will interact only with those services offering a personalization approach.

Why Does Personalization Matter? Three Reasons:

People prefer services with an individualized approach.

It is pleasant to speak with a real person, not a chatbot with integrated lines. A user does not feel ignored.

There is nothing bad in sending people similar messages and notifications. But you will increase the user experience if you introduce personalization into your business. You create a pleasant experience for people, and they feel heard.

Step-by-step, a personalization approach increases the experience of those that already use a platform and attracts more users. Some of the customers will turn out to be your brand advocates.

For example, you can introduce recommendations into your IPTV platform. The recommendation feature usually takes into account users’ previously watched videos, their genres, and categories and collects videos the user has not viewed yet and might like. You save people’s time by introducing this feature and increasing the number of views of other videos.

Personalization works in favor of a business.

People tend to buy things based on impulse. It means that our emotions play a huge role in purchasing decisions. We value our emotions as they are our personal life experiences.

When you create personalization features, you allow users to customize their profiles the way they want. You bring pleasant emotions and increase engagement.

Consumers are more likely to use services and platforms which are convenient and can be customized according to their needs and preferences. And they also like those that care about their experience.

Personalization can help you understand your audience better.

IPTV personalization is not only about features that adapt users’ profiles to their interests but also about using analytics and consumers’ data.

You probably send emails or notifications to your viewers. If they are written in the same manner and sent to all of them, you do not create a personalized experience.

But you can use IPTV analytics to understand what people are searching for, what they are most interested in, and who these people are. After that, for example, you can send them an email saying that the video they were looking for is coming soon and attach a bunch of videos alike.

You have just created a personalized email, increased engagement, and found out your IPTV platform users’ needs.

Final Thoughts

As a business owner, you should follow your business goals. If personalizing your service is not what you planned, it is ok. But it is a hypothesis worth testing as it can bring you many benefits: from customer loyalty to revenue growth.

Personalization is a trend as something that works for one person does not work for another. And people like it when a service considers that and allows a person to have their profiles be adapted to their interests.

IPTV Services: Why Personalization Matters?

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