John Krier

John Krier

Crier is a renowned architect and urban planner, widely considered the intellectual father of New Urbanism – an approach to city living that promotes close, walkable communities.

His writings and illustrations are collected in The Architecture of Community, an almost-complete book. This work is of monumental importance.

Early Life and Education

John Krier was born on June 13, 1923 in Tipton, Kansas to parents John and Mary (Junk) Krier. In 1963 he wed Kathy Pingrey and they moved to Warsaw, South Dakota.

He is survived by his wife Kathy; son James K. Krier; daughters DiAnn Bills, Julie Pingrey, Sheryl Kao and Nikki Krier; as well as eight grandchildren. Additionally he leaves two brothers: Dick Krier and Don Krier.

He founded and published numerous newspapers in rural communities throughout America. In South Dakota alone, they owned multiple publications such as the Ellis Review, Plainville Times, Phillips County Review, Downs News & Times and Smith County Pioneer; in Nebraska they owned Red Cloud Chief, Franklin Chronicle and Harlan County Journal; furthermore they own Sterling Bulletin in Kansas.

Professional Career

John Krier is an accomplished entrepreneur and corporate executive. Currently, he serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Dynatronics Corporation.

He most recently served as Vice President of Marketing for Breg, Inc. Prior to that he was President of Viscent, LLC.

Established in 1979, this company is a renowned innovator and leader in bracing and orthopedic technology products for athletic training, physical therapy and rehabilitation. As the largest and most comprehensive producer of orthotic braces in America, they have earned their customers’ trust over the years.

Dynatronics’ latest innovation, the patented X-Tension technology, has been featured in multiple publications and earned numerous awards. Created through collaboration with a leading medical device supplier, the X-Tension offers patients unparalleled comfort, support, and safety when wearing braces for various conditions.

Achievements and Honors

Krier’s accomplishments are well-documented, from his contributions to building design to his research and writing about aerospace technology. Recently he was recognized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics with its Sustained Service Award at the Joint Propulsion Conference held in Cincinnati.

He serves on the Institute’s Aerospace Sciences Committee and also acts as a reviewer for Mechanical Engineering magazine. An experienced architect, Krier’s built works showcase his ability to merge architecture with landscape. His works range from large urban interventions in Berlin and new towns in The Netherlands to residential projects in Spain. Throughout his career he has balanced lecturing, teaching and writing while practicing architecture; currently living and working between Berlin and Liguria, Italy.

Personal Life

John Krier was a loving husband, father and grandfather who took great pleasure in spending time with his family members and making sure everyone felt important.

His kids learned the value of being there for one another, and his humorous yet purposeful approach to making them feel special left a lasting impression on all of them.

As a representative for Exhibitor Relations, Krier often spoke to theater buyers and reporters covering the Hollywood industry. He had an insightful insight into what could and would happen in the box-office world; he could cite specific successes and failures as well as prognostications that could determine success or failure for a celluloid project.

John Krier

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