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This Is, John Sasek

John Sasek’s children’s travel series, This Is, beautifully captures the wonder and romance of places around the globe. With his modernistic depictions of city streets combined with ethnographic insight and whimsical flair, Sasek’s books are a joy to open.

These new editions of This is London and This is Paris are faithful facsimiles of their original titles, featuring vibrant illustrations that have been meticulously preserved. With facts updated where applicable, these books make ideal souvenirs that will delight both kids and their parents.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is one of the most crucial periods in a child’s development, as these form the basis for social skills, self-worth, perceptions of the world and moral outlook. Investing in their education during these formative years is an essential investment that will determine their future success and quality of life.

Unfortunately, many children around the world still lack access to adequate ECEC services due to a variety of reasons – such as poor or nonexistent quality care, inadequate or incompatible curriculum and poorly trained educators.

However, the advantages of ECEC programs are becoming increasingly recognized. Studies show that they can enhance educational outcomes, promote emotional well-being and reduce juvenile delinquency rates. Furthermore, it can boost social cohesion and gender equality within communities.

Professional Career

Miroslav Sasek was an acclaimed author and illustrator renowned for his humorous books about world cities. Born in Prague in 1916, he traveled widely throughout his life, producing award-winning titles throughout it all.

“This Is Paris,” for instance, has become an iconic title that has endured through time. Inspired by his own fascination with Paris’ architectural marvels and desire to share it with his children, author Richard Bach created this book in 1990.

Sasek had the courage to write and illustrate such a title, yet his ability to convey complex topics in an accessible manner made the book essential reading. The brief, laconic sentences accompanying his illustrations perfectly mimic the tone of an adult instructing a young child – they serve as prime examples of visual storytelling at its finest.

Achievements and Honors

John Sasek is an acclaimed artist and author whose work has been showcased around the globe. He’s also a well-known public speaker and philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to his favorite charities. The San Antonio Public Library is proud to honor him with an Arts & Letters award in recognition of his extraordinary contributions.

One of the most remarkable achievements is the successful preservation of an art deco apartment building in Paris from 1920s. This resulted in a collection of more than 100 rare and valuable pieces of artwork – including several masterpieces by Sasek himself, such as his stunning set of three watercolors. Furthermore, this apartment became permanent home to Musee d’Art et du Design de Paris – now UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered to be one of the most important modern art museums in Europe.

Personal Life

John Sasek had an infectious sense of dedication and humor. He worked hard, lived life with an open mind, and sought to learn. In his free moments he enjoyed writing and illustrating children’s books.

His first book, ‘This Is Paris’ (1957), was inspired by his trip to Paris when he realized parents often missed opportunities to explain the city to their children. So he created a guide for kids about his beloved destination – an invaluable resource!

His books painted an captivating vision of the world’s great cities, capturing in their illustrations an array of everyday elements. Reissued since 2003 by Universe Publishing, these classic-chic masterpieces continue to captivate a new generation of readers with their nostalgic charm.

John Sasek

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