John Spica

John Spica

Spica, or Spica alone as some astronomers believe, is the brightest star in Virgo constellation. However, scientists believe there to be multiple stars present within this system.

Patients treated with early spica cast application experienced better outcomes in terms of independent mobility and toileting compared to those treated with late application. However, a few patients required cast wedging for optimal outcomes.

Early Life and Education

John Spica had an early childhood filled with joy and learning. His loving mother and grandparents instilled in him an appreciation for art, music, nature, animals, as well as reading, writing, and being creative. John now shares this same enthusiasm with others through his business endeavors.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Michigan in 1975, and shortly after began work in journalism for WKYC-TV in Detroit as both reporter and anchor.

He remained active in journalism until his passing in 1985. A renowned columnist and member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), he had made many friends and had an immense impact on people around the globe.

Professional Career

John Spica served in the military before entering a professional career in government service. Throughout his career, he held various positions such as program analyst and logistics manager for Commander, Navy Region Southwest and Deputy Operations Manager at FLC Yokosuka.

He is running for Chesterfield Township supervisor, with the primary goal of defeating incumbent Supervisor Brad Kersten in November. To date, he has already made a name for himself by winning the Republican primary in August against two other candidates and impressing voters with his attention to detail and commitment to serving his constituents. If elected, he will serve as supervisor until 2024; visit his campaign page to learn more about him and his plans for the future.

Achievements and Honors

The valedictorian and salutatorian are awarded to students for their superior academic performance as well as extracurricular accomplishments. Additionally, the College Committee on Honors, Awards, and Prizes recognizes those students who have created an exemplary Core Reflection that displays their intellectual prowess or capacity for making a positive impact in the community at large.

One of Spica’s greatest achievements was in the naval realm. He captained the USS Spica (AK-16), a Sirius-class cargo ship that transported supplies to American forces in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands during World War II. It wasn’t an easy task; one of the most difficult parts was getting fuel for several days at a time for both engines.

Personal Life

John Spica is an expert in many fields. He holds degrees in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, as well as being a musician with his band Pack of Wolves. On top of these accomplishments, John enjoys playing guitar and crafting songs for the stage.

He is also running for Chesterfield Township supervisor in the partial term ending Nov. 2024.

On holidays, Spica keeps a mailbox outside his house to collect letters from children to Santa Claus. He responds to each letter with an individual note tailored specifically to the child’s wishes.

John Spica

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