Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Porta Potty

Porta Potty

Are you planning an outdoor event that needs porta potties?

While you might be concerned that porta potties aren’t considered the nicest restroom option, knowing why you should rent a porta potty will help you realize that you need them.

Continue reading to learn more about renting a porta potty.

When to Rent a Porta Potty Service

Are you planning an outdoor event? It’s smart to rent a porta potty service for you and your guests or customers.

With a gathering outdoors, people will need a convenient restroom near them. Keeping several clean, spacious porta potties throughout your event’s space will provide the comfort and convenience that your guests deserve.

Porta potties are commonly used for events such as:

  • Outdoor weddings
  • Outdoor farmer’s markets
  • Concerts
  • Trade shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Sporting events
  • Carnivals and fairs
  • Corporate events

These types of gatherings benefit from porta potty rentals, especially due to the need for outdoor restrooms for a big group.

Though porta potties are often rented for big events accommodating a large amount of people, they are also perfect for those needing a temporary restroom for construction projects or other cases of home or property renovations.

Whatever the type of event or need for a porta potty, you’ll need to make sure you factor in how many porta potties to rent for your space.

Determine How Many Porta Potties You’ll Need

Depending on the size of your event, the number of porta potties to rent will vary. The amount of alcohol served will also affect the restroom usage at your event.

When it comes to standard use of porta potties, the rule of thumb is to have one porta potty for every 50 guests and one hand-washing unit for every 4 porta potties.

If you’re hosting an event open to the public, you’ll need to include at least one ADA-compliant restroom unit. The size of your event will determine how many ADA-compliant restrooms are needed, but it’s common to rent one ADA unit for every 20 porta potties.

Alcohol consumption also increases the number of bathroom trips at an event. If you serve alcohol, make sure to increase the number of porta potties rented to accommodate everyone.

When renting a porta potty, there are several types of potties to choose from.

Consider the Types of Porta Potties Available

In most cases, the standard porta potty is used in events and gatherings. However, there are multiple other great options for porta potty rentals.

These range from standard potties to luxury bathroom trailers. Each offer different accommodations and benefits, ready for any event you’re putting together.

Standard Porta Potty

Seen in many fairs and concerts, standard porta potties are the simple, ready-to-go potties that are relatively easy to rent and use.

These are usually one-person, non-flushable porta potties that accommodate most people at standard events.

ADA-Compliant Porta Potty

For individuals who use wheelchairs or other devices, ADA-compliant porta potties are necessary.

These porta potties offer more space and an easier access into and out of them. You’ll need to rent at least one ADA-compliant restroom for any event open to the public.

Flushable Porta Potty

A flushable porta potty is just like the standard option, but with a little more luxury. These include flushing toilets and can include other options like a sink or a hand sanitizer station.

Flushable porta potties are popular in events that offer high-end vendors and entertainment.

Eco-Friendly Porta Potty

Renting an eco-friendly porta potty means that you’ll be utilizing a porta potty that reduces waste and uses specific chemicals that won’t harm the environment.

If you’re hosting a fundraiser or charity event, an eco-friendly porta potty might be smart to rent to support the environment and help your guests participate in helping a good cause.

Construction Porta Potty

These porta potties are a little more specific to construction sites. The convenience of these is that they can include features like a crane hook that will allow the porta potty to be transported and moved easily.

These are commonly used in construction sites and projects, as the ability to move the unit with a crane is beneficial for setting up and cleaning up construction sites.

Bathroom Trailers

You may have seen a bathroom trailer at upscale events or at a concert. These are essentially enclosed, indoor restrooms on wheels.

Included in a bathroom trailer are usually flushable toilets, running water, lighting, and A/C. These factors will help create a luxury environment perfect for any upscale event you may be hosting.

When it comes to knowing how to rent a porta potty, considering the different types of porta potties and what they offer is one of the major steps towards renting enough porta potties for your event.

Factor in Cleaning Services

Are you planning for a multiple-day event? You may need to consider cleaning services as part of your rental.

For any type of porta potty to maintain cleanliness, a cleaning service is necessary. The reason that porta potties get such a bad rap is because cleaning services are usually not utilized as they should be.

One of the top tips for renting a porta potty is to have cleaning services as often as needed. If you’re hosting a multiple-day outdoor affair, you’ll need to have your porta potties cleaned.

This is done by the rental company you choose. The equipment used to clean porta potties include a cleaning truck with a vacuum hose, chemical refills, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and any other supplies to be replaced.

You’ll need to consider the extra costs that porta potty cleaning services charge–usually per clean. Factor this into your budget because your guests deserve the cleanest porta potties available to them.

Prepare the Area

When renting porta potties, you will need to map out your event space before moving the toilets onto the property.

Take measurements of a flat, open space to ensure that multiple porta potties can fit comfortably. When placing your potties, take into account several things:

  • Keep the porta potties from being upwind of your guests
  • Set the porta potties on hard, solid ground
  • Keep all porta potties away from high-traffic areas
  • Place your porta potties in multiple places
  • Make sure that your delivery and cleaning vehicles are able to access the potties
  • Have the porta potties put in secured and lit areas

Maintaining your porta potty rental begins with strategically placing and cleaning your potties.

Successfully Renting a Porta Potty

You’ve now learned all you need to know about renting a porta potty. You’re now able to host the best event possible for your guests.

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Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Porta Potty

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