Quick And Easy lamb Breast Recipe

lamb Breast Recipe

If you love lamb and want to prepare it for your family, you should give the lamb a try with this recipe. This is one of the most popular dishes in Cyprus, used on a variety of food events and as a starter course in a number of restaurants. When you make lamb, you are taking the best of two cuts of beef. Lighter meat and mixed greens add great texture to the dish, while the tender fat gives it great flavor. Both lean and heavy cuts will give you a different texture and flavor. Let us take a look at the recipe.

How to Make Lamb Breast Recipe

The lamb breast recipe starts with a sweet sauce. You can use your favorite Italian blend or just simple honey. The key to making a great Italian sauce is the quality of the ingredients and the slow roast process. lamb is a difficult cut to cook slowly and should be allowed to slow cook, releasing the juice and melting the meat with each bite.

Ingredients to Make Lamb Breast Recipe

Slow roasting lamb breasts take time because they need to be browned evenly and not overcooked. To start your lamb breast recipe, gather the following ingredients. These include; fresh herbs, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, chopped onion, chopped Brussels sprouts, packed fresh herbs, dry Rosemary, dried thyme, and dried oregano.

Step 1:

Carefully cut up the onion into thin slices. Place all ingredients except the garlic into a large pan, where they will sit for around 12 hours. This will allow the ingredients to ‘rest’ whilst the juices in the pan continue to cook. On the day you are ready to begin the cooking, place the lamb breast recipe into the pre-heated oven, and leave for around one hour, turning the lamb breast recipe every half hour. Once the lamb breast recipe has been roasted to perfection, remove it from the oven and place it in a thermos, or lined dish for chilling.

Step 2:

You should have about one and a half cups of liquid in your crockpot – this includes the juices from the onions. Start to slowly add the ingredients into the crockpot. If anything is left over, it can be added to the soup later on. Bring the crockpot to a simmer, and add salt and pepper to the ingredients you used. Let the crockpot simmer on low for about four hours, until the liquid begins to evaporate.

Step 3:

After simmering the crockpot, remove the meat from the crockpot and set it aside. The meat now needs to be cleaned, and rinsed, but do not wipe it down too hard or you will dilute the spices. Add the vegetables to the pot and stir fry them until they are almost tender. About a minute before you are ready to serve the lamb breast recipe, add the stuffing to the meat and fold in half to seal the stuffing to the meat, ensuring that the meat stays moist throughout the cooking process.

Step 4:

Once all the ingredients have been prepared and the meat is cooked through, it’s time to serve up the lamb breast recipe. Split the meat into two pieces and allow it to rest for about ten minutes, while you preheat the oven. Once the oven has preheated, use a crockpot to cook the second part of the recipe at the same time, and allow the second half to boil. When the first half of the recipe is done cooking, cover the pot with foil and let it rest for about five minutes. When the second half of the recipe is done cooking, open the foil, add the stuffing and fold in half, again sealing it in place with foil.


This is how to cook lamb breast. This is the key to cooking a small roast the right way and coming out succulent and juicy. Using a crockpot and a small electric burner, and covering it with aluminum foil ensures that the juices from the juices will stay within the confines of the foil, allowing the juices to soak into the meat and provide a delightful flavor. A lamb breast recipe that doesn’t use this method and just cooks the meat in its own juices is like cooking an entire roast in one pot!

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Quick And Easy lamb Breast Recipe

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