The Latest Hat Styles and Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2021

Latest Hat Styles

Besides a fashionable and cute appeal, hats are important for sun safety. As the days become longer and the sun becomes stronger, hats help protect your skin and eyes from harmful rays.

And best of all? You look stylish while doing so! How can you choose the best hat styles? It can be hard to keep up with the trends or embrace a new style you may feel uneasy about. But with a little fashion boldness, you can rock any hat perfectly.

What are the looks you need to try this year? Read on to discover the top trends to incorporate into your summer looks.

Baseball Caps

The baseball cap isn’t going anywhere this season. After all, it has been around since the early 1800s! From sporting games to covering bad hair days, baseball caps are a wardrobe staple.

If you’re worried about looking too sporty or casual, these awesome hats can still work. Try pairing a baseball cap with a feminine floral dress.

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is back. Don’t you remember this 1990s trend? Bucket hats are a great style to wear with a casual everyday look or switch up your standard beach routine.

The latest fashion trends showcase bucket hats in an array of fabrics, styles, and patterns. For summertime, embrace the fun and colorful tye-dye style. Or perhaps for a beach day, a cotton bucket hat would work best.

But don’t think bucket hats will disappear this fall or winter. This style can work in cooler temperatures too. Look out for leather, sherpa, or wool bucket hats to keep yourself toasty without sacrificing fashion!

Straw Fedoras

Is there a more perfect summertime staple than a straw fedora? These hats have stood the test of time and are both practical and fashionable. If you prefer a classic style and have an elegant wardrobe, a simple tan or white straw fedora would work well.

But, if you love color or prefer a more bohemian vibe, choose a vibrant straw fedora with an interesting band detail. Search for the perfect straw fedora hat womens styles. Straw fedoras are the ultimate expression of smart fashion!


Try to get past the images of Las Vegas poker players or your grandparent’s community home. Visors are making a modern fashion statement. Seen on the runways of Dior and other high-fashion houses, the practical hat has been up-leveled.

To keep a visor from looking outdated, choose interesting and luxurious materials. Think rattan and leather combinations, detailed fabric, and embroidery.

Floppy Hat

A floppy hat makes a glamorous statement. If you are planning a summer beach getaway or vacation, pack a floppy hat for practicality and fashion purposes.

Bring this tried and true fashion favorite into 2021 by choosing current color combinations like lilac or other pastels. Or, go the classic route with a chic black and white style.

These Hat Styles Must Grace Your Wardrobe This Year

Eager to welcome summer? Not before choosing one of these incredible hat styles to round out your wardrobe.

Remember that in the summer heat, hats can be practical without sacrificing style or fashion-forwardness. For an elegant and more basic approach, a simple straw fedora or floppy hat works well.

But, if you prefer bold fashion, try out the bucket hat or visor trend. If you found these fashion tips interesting, check out our other fashion stories.

The Latest Hat Styles and Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2021

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