Linkedin Advertising: An Overview Of Marketing On Linkedin

Linkedin Advertising

Linkedin advertising can be a gem for your business if you wanna target an audience that is highly professional & decision-makers. Yes! In 2021, more than 756 professionals are active on LinkedIn. And, 71% of B2B Marketers are already escalating their business through LinkedIn ads. Therefore, we have got you covered with everything you need to know about LinkedIn advertising with an overview of marketing on LinkedIn.

According to studies, linked in advertising generates 3X more leads than any other social media advertising platform. The reason being, LinkedIn offers you targeting options based on the user’s professions and interests. But, as I mentioned before, lots of B2B companies are already dominating LinkedIn & google ads to scale their businesses.

If you are not interested to invest in LinkedIn automation tools then Linked advertising will surely help you to acquire more potential leads & customers but in order to make it more sustainable, you have to learn other marketing ways as well, such as running email campaigns for different prospects, google advertising, and many more.

And, for making it successfully done, it is imperative for you to utilize advanced digital marketing tactics & strategies. If you have already hired a professional who can do this all for your business. Great for you. And if not, it’s never too late to upskill yourself & skyrocket your business revenue by enrolling in the best digital marketing course in Jaipur, Delhi, Maharashtra, or from your native city.

I know! How willing are you to upscaling your business, so let’s get ready to learn everything you need for running a LinkedIn marketing campaign for generating fruit-fool leads for your business.

Linkedin Advertising: An Overview Of Marketing On Linkedin

For effective advertising on LinkedIn firstly, you need to learn what options LinkedIn campaign managers offer you to target your audience. Read through, to learn everything from the types of linked ads to best practices of LinkedIn advertising.

1.   LinkedIn Ad Types

Ad types refer to the ads placement where your ads are going to be shown on LinkedIn. Every ad placement works best for different purposes. Let’s find out what will work the best for you.

Text Ads: If you want to catch the attention of your targeted audience quickly. Text ads can do it greatly by catching their attention right away on the left or right-hand side of the user’s desktop.

Dynamic Ads: Want to run personalized ads on the next level. With LinkedIn dynamic ads it’s possible. These ads show up to users in a form of a pop with their profile pic, professional details, ad copy, and CTA.

Sponsored Ads: These ads show right in the LinkedIn feed whether you are using your laptop, mobile phone, or tab. For making it distinguished from normal feeds, these ads are labeled as promoted by LinkedIn with an option of attaching a carousel, single image, and a video.

Sponsored Message: Messaging ads always have high click-through rates. Through LinkedIn sponsored massage ads you reach your audience right into their LinkedIn messenger.

2.   Linked In Ad Objectives

Ads objects are curated for achieving different business goals. Let’s get ahead to learn about LinkedIn objectives for LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Awareness ads: If you have launched a new product only a few people know about you can use awareness objectives for increasing your brand & product awareness.

Consideration Ads: Advertising goals on LinkedIn can be varied depending upon the product & services. The higher the product cost & services the more you need to nurture the audience with information.

If your product & services come into this category you can use the consideration option of getting people on your website, engagement, and watching your marketing videos.

Conversion Ads: Conversion ads are usually used to generate leads, website conversion, and job applications.

Conversion Ads

3.   Linkedin Ad Formats

Linked In has different ad formats to help you meet your advertising objective. Here are the following ad formats you can use for achieving your business objective.

Conversational Ad Format: Through conversational ads you can’t only advertise your product & services but also ask them questions or their best place to get in touch with them.

Carousel Ads Format: Speak your message through different images with carousel ads.

Job Ads Format: If your company is hiring, job ads are the most effective way to get candidates based on their qualifications, experience, and skills.

Message Ads Format: Estimated 50% of targeted audience open message ads. Isn’t it the best feature linked in the advertising guide?

Video Ads Format: You can use video ads for showcasing your product benefits in a precise way.

Single Image Ads Format: Image Speak louder than texts. Use eye-capturing images with a persuading headline in your ads to steal your audience’s attention.

Follower Ads Format: Couldn’t be a better way to acquire potential followers for your brand’s page. You can promote your brand page to get your targeted audience to follow you so you can showcase everything about your product & services at an effective cost.

Spotlight Ads Format: Get your audience on your website landing page easily & quickly with spotlight ads.

Now, you have got acquainted with LinkedIn advertising & an overview of marketing on LinkedIn. It’s time to take a step forward to learn how you can boost your ad performance by utilizing LinkedIn advertising best practices.

Spotlight Ads Format

Best Practices Of LinkedIn Advertising

From the above overview of LinkedIn advertising, you have got an insight into the objectives, ad format, and ad types that are necessary for running a campaign on LinkedIn according to your business goals & targeted audience.

It’s time to take a step forward to learn the best practice of linked marketing to boost your ad performance.

1.   Use Exclude Filters

The narrow and precise your targeting audience would be, the more ad budget will get at stake. Linked in gives you an option to exclude the group of audience you don’t want to show you ads to.

Use Exclude Filters

2.   Take Advantage Of A/B Testing

Nobody can give you the best advice in the world for enhancing your ad performance than the true statistics of your own ad campaign. So, always do A/B testing to find out what works the best for you and modify your campaign accordingly for great results.

3.   Set Up Conversion Tracking

How would you calculate your conversion rate? You can easily get it by setting up conversion tracking before running your ads. This way you can get the data of user’s actions on the landing page and you can retarget them with an even better strategy in the future.

Conversion Tracking

4.   Use a Short & Sweet Ad Copy

A short & sweet copy that is able to deliver your message to your audience & persuade is the most important thing you need in your ads.

5.   Use Matched Audience

If you already have data of your audience you can boost your ad performance by leveraging a matched audience. Through this option, you can instantly get your potential audience wider.

Matched Audience

Conclusion:  According to the statistics, 65% of B2B businesses have boosted their sales & acquired customers. Therefore, I have covered you with LinkedIn advertising: An overview of marketing on LinkedIn so you can also leverage LinkedIn ads for generating potential leads and acquiring more customers for your business.

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Linkedin Advertising: An Overview Of Marketing On Linkedin

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