Lucrative Career Choices for College Grads

Lucrative Career Choices for College Grads

College is the time of one’s life where they decide what field they’d like to study and find employment in. It is also the time where they’ll have to figure out what their next move will be after walking the stage to collect degrees. Thankfully, there are many career choices that students can take on to better their education and their paychecks. Continue reading to find out what some of the top-earning fields are.

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An engineering career can bring in some big bucks if that is what you’re seeking. Every facet of engineering requires at least four years of undergraduate study and hands-on experience via internships or apprenticeships. Some people may elect to attend engineering schools in Washington DC to take more specialized courses that will make them more employable.


If medical school is in the cards for you, dentistry is an excellent field to break into. The teeth are one of the most vital parts of the human body, and it’s important to care for them regularly. A dentist will help fix up your teeth when things go awry; they are equipped with the skills and know-how to fix any and all dental issues. Attending at least four years of dental school after college will help the prospective student achieve their goals of working in this top-earning career field.

Technical Writing

This career choice is perfect for any kind of writer. Technical writing consists of taking complicated jargon and reworking it into language that is universal to all audiences and easy to understand. It is ideal for technical writers to have a working knowledge of the products or companies they’re writing for, also, and it’s a necessary job that pays very well.

Many careers can make enough money after working in them over time. These three fields are guaranteed to make a lot of money, so if earning a higher salary is what you’re interested in, consider any of these fields.

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Lucrative Career Choices for College Grads

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