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M3 Girl Designs Update: See What Happened After Shark Tank

M3 Girl Designs before Shark Tank

Maddie Bradshaw is a creative girl. Maddie Bradshaw is very hands-on and enjoys spending a lot of time in arts and crafts. M3 Girl Designs was born out of her passion. Maddie started making magnets out of bottles caps when she was 10 years old. Her friends were the first to adopt the new trend. But, as the popularity of her bottle cap accessories grew, so did her group. Maddie was inspired to be more creative by the rapidly increasing popularity of her magnets. M3 Girl Designs began producing jewelry that included bottle caps such as necklaces and hair ribbons.

Maddie was not the only person running her business. Maddie’s mother, Diane was a strong supporter of the business, and Maddie’s little sister Margot was there to make the merchandise. M3 Girl Designs was a hard-working trio of women. However, neither one of them had any experience in marketing or running a business so it seemed smart to seek out an investor. Diane brought her two daughters and their business to Shark Tank.

M3 Girl Designs

Shark Tank

The three Bradshaw women, Maddie, Rachel, and Lisa, enter Shark Tank by listing their $300k investment for 15% of M3 Girl Designs. Maddie then steps up to discuss the history and purpose of this jewelry business. Maddie tells the group that M3 was her original idea. She originally wanted to make magnets for her locker. She found nothing that suited her taste so she used the Coca-Cola bottle caps her uncle had to make magnets. She created the designs in the caps from her own art and stuck a magnet to the cap’s back.

Maddie was soon noticed by her friends and they were enthusiastic about them. They eventually convinced Maddie that she had created something worth expanding. She created snap caps, magnetic pendants that can be swapped out for new necklaces. Margot gives Sharks samples while Maddie informs them that Maddie, the owner of a Texas toy store, agreed to sell the bottle caps and necklaces. They were gone in two hours after they had been available.


Maddie, now 15 years old, is more sophisticated and has passed the Snap Cap jewelry line on to Margot. She went on to create Spark of Life. The new jewelry line consists of adjustable bracelets and necklaces made from neutrally colored beads as well as brightly colored peace signs or heart pendants. M3 Girl Designs has been selling its products for around 5 years. They now supply over 1000 stores. They have made $6 million in sales over the past 5 years and $1.6 million during the last year.

M3 Girl Designs Shark Tank

Maddie Bradshaw, a 15-year-old millionaire, isn’t just a great example of her talent. Maddie Bradshaw wrote a book called “Maddie Bradshaw’s You Can Start a Business Too!” It is a book that encourages young people to pursue their dreams and not to be afraid to start their own business. Robert Herjavec questions Margot about how they were able to supply 1000 retail shops. Maddie says that word of mouth is the key to success. They started selling in their first two stores and other businesses approached them to make business deals. They were eventually able to attract enough attention to hiring an agent to help them grow.

A few years later, there are now around 10 sales reps and all products are still handmade in their Texas office. Lori Greiner asserts that M3 Girl Designs was founded on the Snap Cap line. But Diane says that M3 Girl Designs is not a one-hit-wonder. They want to expand their product line and create a mature line for Maddie. Greiner points out that selling jewelry in today’s economy has been difficult, but this is not an issue as their most expensive item sells at around $10.

M3 Girl Designs Shark Tank

Herjavec is now curious about Maddie’s need for the money, considering that she has made over a million from the company. She plans to distribute the products worldwide with the $300k and use this partnership to take M3 Girl Designs to new heights. Kevin O’Leary was the first Shark to make an offer. He’s willing to pay them $300k but only wants 30%. Greiner agrees to the deal immediately after he has made the offer. He wants 30% of the company, but Greiner will remain a silent partner. Their stake is increased to 40% and Greiner can mentor the girls. She hopes to introduce them all to QVC and show them how to be successful businesswomen. ThePensters.com offers one-on-one essay writing assistance.

The girls are curious to see what other Sharks have to offer before they decide to accept that particular offer. Daymond John is well-known for his fashion business, but he doesn’t think he can be of any assistance to the girls, so he decides not to apply. Mark Cuban makes an offer. Because he believes she has many useful assets, he wants to make a deal. Together, they will give the girls $300k and 30%. Although this deal is better than the previous one, Herjavec nails it when he states that Maddie’s lackluster enthusiasm is due to having to give up 30% of her business. He is the one who points this out but Herjavec eventually agrees to a deal with O’Leary, which is almost identical to the Greiner and Cuban deals.

M3 Girl Designs Shark Tank

After a brief discussion, they decide that they want to make a deal to acquire Herjavec, Greiner, and Cuban. However, they would like to reduce the stake to 20%. Maddie initially believes there is no way to go higher than that. But when the Sharks tell her it is too low, she changes her mind. As long as the Sharks have 30%, they can all go to Mavericks games whenever and wherever they like. Cuban agrees to this deal without even thinking about it. The Sharks then go to shake hands with the Bradshaw women.

M3 Girl Designs Available in 2016

M3 Girl Designs

After appearing on the show M3 Girl Designs was heading straight to success. They were selling their products in more stores, and later they hired more sales representatives. Maddie created various social media accounts to help promote the products and continued to push the business forward. Despite Bradshaw’s rapidly expanding brand, it seemed as though nothing could go wrong. But all good things must come to an end.

M3 Girl Designs began having problems when they started filing lawsuits against other companies they claimed infringed their trademark. These claims turned out to be false, as they did not have a patent or trademark. However, most of the companies they brought to court chose to settle instead of pursuing the entire legal process. New truths were revealed during the trial against Blue Brownies. Maddie Bradshaw claimed she was the inventor of the bottle cap jewelry designs. Everyone in the courtroom saw that her testimony was highly staged. The battle was over and it was clear that none of Bradshaw’s were telling truth.

Things have slowed down since then for M3 Girl Designs. Their official website has been removed and there has not been a single post on Twitter since June 2014. Evidently, the girls were unable to handle the pressure and decided to resign. They did manage to make a few million before it happened.

Snap Caps, Sharks, and Sparks: Maddie Bradshaw – Teen Millionaire

M3 Girl Designs

Maddie Bradshaw’s story, and her creative bottle cap designs, made headlines after they appeared on Shark Tank in early 2012. However, the company has been having some problems recently. m3girl Design has not posted to its Twitter account since June 2014. The legal battle that the company had with Blue Brownies began in 2010. It involved intellectual property rights. M3 Girl Designs claimed that it held the copyright to protect its bottle caps designs. However, Blue Brownies later amended the suit to claim that Blue Brownies jewelry products were trademark trade dress infringers. This refers to how a product is “dressed to go to market.” The judge ultimately ruled in favor of Blue Brownies (see related links). KWHS would like to talk with the Bradshaws to find out the full story. Please read the following story to learn that despite appearances on Shark Tank and investor interest, m3 girl designs did not achieve a huge success.

Maddie Bradshaw is a sophomore at The Hockaday School, Dallas, Tex. Standing up before her English class and delivering a 45-minute presentation was a breeze for Maddie. What is her secret? Bradshaw, 16, believes her confidence comes from running a successful business.

Snap Caps was a magnetic, interchangeable bottle cap necklace invented by Bradshaw when she was 10 years old. It quickly became a hit with tweens. With the help of her mother Diane, and her younger sister Margot, she founded M3 Girl Designs LLC, a jewelry company that sells approximately 50,000 necklaces per month.

Swim with the Sharks

Bradshaw’s success has brought her a lot of media attention. She appeared on everything from local news segments and national programs like ABC’s “The View,” and “Shark Tank.” Bradshaw says that she was nervous answering questions from Barbara Walters, but with each opportunity to speak about the company in front of people, she gained more confidence and realized that she could do more than I thought.

Bradshaw, her sister, and her mother asked the Sharks – five investors, who listen and mentor entrepreneurs – for $300,000. They offered a 15% share in the company. Bradshaw was able to negotiate a partnership agreement with three sharks. It included $300,000. She would be able to expand her business internationally and valuable mentoring from Shark Lori Greiner (a well-known QVC personality who has invented more than 350 retail products). Jack Bienko is deputy director of the Small Business Administration’s Office of Entrepreneurship Education. National Entrepreneurship Week will be celebrated February 18-25. They don’t have to do it all alone, as many organizations can help them.

M3 Girl Designs

Bradshaw is the president of the company and also a head designer. She has taken a crash course on everything, from trademarks and LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) to marketing and human resource management. Her mother is the CEO. She handles all financial matters, assists in business decisions, and steps in when consent from an adult is required. Bradshaw’s mother, her sister, and her father were able to each own a part of the company through an LLC. This allowed them to protect their personal assets and keep the company in good standing in the event of a bad outcome. Bradshaw says that the most important thing is that she loves what she does. “I took my passion for art and created an idea. Then I went with it.”

Bradshaw was unable to find “cool” decorations to decorate her locker at school. She decided to make fun magnets out of old Coke bottles from her uncle’s old machine. She created her own designs and put them in the caps before sticking them to her locker. Bradshaw says that her friends were impressed by the caps and wanted to make them. She also created magnetic necklaces that could be worn with caps. “I thought maybe other children would enjoy them too,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw sold 50 of her bottle cap necklaces made by her to test her theory to a local toy shop. They sold out in two hours and the store requested more. Bradshaw says, “At that moment, I knew I had something.” “I believe we were successful because I was more focused on having fun than worrying about failure.”

Bradshaw spent $300 of her personal money to purchase supplies. Her mother matched the expenditure. Bradshaw has seen a significant return on her investment with annual sales of $1.6 million. Bradshaw says that she has learned how important it is for businesses to market their products. Her designs can be found in over 6,000 U.S. retailers, including Nordstrom and Amazon.com. People connect with us when they hear our stories.

Bienko says that teens are a great resource for business because they are fearless and will put themselves out there. He also adds that it takes project management skills, sales savvy, and marketing knowledge, as well as money smarts.

Bradshaw creates most of the jewelry designs. She also attends company meetings and talks about the designs. Bradshaw says that while this business has given her many life skills, she also believes what she learned in school will be just as valuable. She plans to continue learning about business at college. “I am interested in becoming a patent attorney. I think I will also start my own business.

Going Global

Bradshaw receives e-mails daily from young girls who want their own business but don’t know where to start. She recently published her book, “You Can Start a Business Too.” Bradshaw says, “I love that my opportunities to reach out to others and help them,” and is currently working to establish a scholarship for aspiring young entrepreneurs. “Not everyone has the money I had to cover start-up costs.

M3 Girl Designs

Bienko says that teen entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of not having a plan for moving their business forward. Young entrepreneurs need a business plan to show that they are serious and achieve success.

Bradshaw admitted that Snap Caps has become too much for her, but she doesn’t worry about the company becoming a one-hit-wonder. Margot, Margot’s vice president at Snap Caps has been more involved in the design and direction of Snap Caps. Bradshaw, however, has launched a Spark of Lifeline of stackable bracelets and necklaces that are targeted at her age. She says, “The best thing about our company is that it’s growing alongside me.” “As my tastes and preferences change, so will our products.”

M3 Girl Designs Snap Caps

M3 Girls Designs Here’s a success story to get you motivated to achieve any goal you have set. You can do it if a little girl can. Maddie Bradshaw (10 years old) wanted something different for her school locker. Maddie started M3 Girl Designs. She came up with Snap Caps after a lot of brainstorming. Snap caps take a basic bottle cap and turn it into an interchangeable piece of magnetic art. These were so popular, Maddie decided to make an accessory from the same idea. Snap Cap Necklaces were the first to be created, and M3 Girl Designs has grown steadily since then.

Maddie Bradshaw, now 16 years old, is the President of her family-owned company

She started the company with $300 when she was just 10 years old. Margot, her sister, is now 12 and serves as vice president. Her Mom Diane is the glue that holds it all together.

M3 Girl Designs

This tween business owner made over $1.6 Million in 2008, just 2 years after it was started. He sold 50,000 necklaces per month. Wow! It is, and it only gets better.

As more teens reach adulthood, the M3 Girls (Maddie Margot and Diane) continue to expand their Snap Caps line.

Numerous publications and television shows featured them. They were featured in numerous publications and t.v. before their appearance on Shark Tank. She was just 13 years old when Inc. Magazine named her the 30 Under 30 and she also hosted The View on YouTube, a morning show that helped launch Snap Caps Business and M3 Girl Designs into the top tier.

Sharktank Show: Getting Snap Caps

When the Bradshaw’s became millionaires with Snap Caps, they began looking for investors on Shark Tank. The current total sales were more than $5 million, and $1.5 million in 2011. This was enough for all the Sharks to be interested in this deal. Maddie was willing to pay $300k for a 15% share in the tween company. Snap Caps were already available in more than 1,000 stores, and they had a strong online presence with thousands of followers. These numbers are what will get the Sharks to be interested in your company.

M3 Girls gave up 30% of their equity in the business to get the $300k, but they received a lot for the additional 15%. They got three Sharks to help take this business to the next level. Mark Cuban and Robert Herjevic, as well as QVC Queen Lori Greiner, all invested in the 15-year-old’s venture.

M3 Girl Designs

M3 Designs “Snap Caps Online Update”

Maddie, now 16 years old, is a veteran business professional. Margot, her vice president is still a teenager. You can see how the Snap Caps were featured on Shark Tank Show, and that 3 Sharks invested in it has helped increase the sales volume. They are expected to make more than $5 million this year. They continue to develop the magnetic Snap Caps brand and are now expanding the Brand. To keep your entire collection organized, you can take the bottle caps and put them in necklaces, bracelets, and hair bows.

Maddie is also a published author with “You Can Start A Business Too” her first book. Maddie’s book contains a variety of business terms, ideas, and stories that will inspire young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. This book is an excellent gift idea for young entrepreneurs, and it’s only $6.95 on Snap Caps Online. It is a fact that I recommend this book to the two MBA students who just watched Shark Tank.

This is a true success story that will continue growing as the girls develop their brand. Parents can also learn a lot from this story about how to encourage their children to be successful.

Although Maddie and Margot are getting lots of attention, it is impossible to overlook the fact that they were raised by parents who are willing to support their business ideas into multi-million dollar businesses in just a few years.

I believe Diane (their mother) should write a book. Her daughter has been on a path that will pay dividends throughout their lives.


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